Every female is expected to do everything as a male and vice versa. The only exception is the PT test and weight/tape. Males have to do more push ups/situps and run faster on the 2 mile run. It also depends on your age. The older, the less you have to do in each event.

As far as the BCT course, there is only one standard.

You might have male DS's in your area, maybe teaching you a few classes here and there, but for the most part you will have female DS's. I went to an all male BCT so I'm not clear on how it works with females. If you have any more questions, PM and I'll try to help you out.
ive heard that females are treated pretty equally. I went thru MC boot camp about 1 1/2 month before a med discharge so I am kinda nervous about the differences too.... luckily my recruiter is a female and has been really cool about answering ?s and setting me straight on army way vs mc way
You should have a combination of male/female Drill Sergeants. When I went through, each platoon had 3, we had two men one woman.

You will have your own open bay to live in with your own bathrooms. Other than that, most things are shared.

Everything that you do will be the same. You ruck to the same places with the same amount of gear, etc. One thing that surprised me was how much of basic was in the classroom. There is a tremendous amount of learning that takes place and men/women can do that equally.

When it comes to PT, there will be days when you all do it together...pushups/situps/etc. You do the best you can. For most runs, you'll be divided into groups based on your ability, not gender. Like SGT Miller said, you do have a different standard for the way your APFT is graded. That's pretty much the only difference.

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