Females in 91A, 91M and 91P MOS's

The time is upon us. I've heard about it happening for years, and now it's official. Me, I have never worked with females except in PLDC and SLC. I've never had a female boss or female soldiers. What I have seen in motor pools with female soldiers is the male soldiers are always following them around like a lost puppy dog, trying to flirt. As a leader, I don't have time for those games. I've been in Infantry units my whole carrer in FORSCOM. No females in my units. So, here is the question I have. How will I put an end to male soldiers chasing around the female soldiers in the motor pool?
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I'm in a FORSCOM unit having one female attached to us. The mechanics in our motorpool go above and beyond to make sure we're QC'd / dispatched first. I've seen her coming out of the shop with joes for one vehicle. lol

I don't think you can fix something like this.
My first thought is to enforce standards and ignore personal relationships that comply with 600-20.

I personally haven't noticed the behavior you describe, but this is likely due to the nature of the units I've dealt with (either all male, or significant female population), or complete disinterest in the matter.

On the spot corrections of an embarrassing nature may work. Something along the lines of "If you're making diner plans, you'd best make them for 3 because none of us are leaving this motor pool until this truck is squared away".

It's easy in these kinds of situations to violate the fair and impartial part of the creed. Try to avoid that.

Novelty is always a big distraction in the Army. I think the situation would be similar (to a lesser extent) if you suddenly had airmen assigned, or drew new equipment.
"If you're making diner plans, you'd best make them for 3 because none of us are leaving this motor pool until this truck is squared away".

Best quote ever! I'm going to have to remember that one!

I feel that you show up to work to do your job, and hopefully if everything goes well you can leave at 1700. If Soldiers want to "make dinner plans" they can do that on their time, not at work on my time. Like I said, I have not worked with females except for PLDC and SLC. Hell, I have not been assigned to a FSB or a FSC either. I've always been assigned to Infantry units on the old BCT style foremat. So there is going to be a lot of new things coming my way at my new unit. I have a feeling I'm going to have more gray hair over the next couple of years!
You will never stop males from chasing females around, its nature. But through time things will start to die down with the whole issue between females and males. I the beginning you will have to continue to enforce and make sure that your soldiers are educated the same way we were educated with gays in the military. The hardest thing I will say that I deal with from time to time is the higher leadership (1SG/PSG) showing favortism that will screw up the morale in a unit. Just remember to keep it professional and there are females out there that can easily out perform a male so dont take them lightly.

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