Few questions about bear program.

I had a few questions about how the bear program works.

1. When are you officially "in" the bear program, as in, locked into the MOS? Is it when you get a school date? Do you have to submit a letter of intent? I am interested in doing 68V, but I would have to take 2 college classes to meet the requirements and I am afraid there is a chance it will no longer be in the bear program by the time I get those classes.

2. When you reclass under the bear program, are you actually re-enlisting? Or can you just reclass to the MOS, serve the remainder of the time under your original contract, and then get out if you choose?

3. What are the actual requirements for time in service and time til ETS? I have 18 months remaining in my contract as of right now. I have heard that you have to have AT LEAST 18 months left on active duty (meaning, you can have more), but then I have also heard that you have no more than 18 months to be eligible. If I am set to ETS on 29 DEC 2013, am I eligible for bear?
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Many of your questions can be answered at Armyreenlistment.com. You can enter the BEAR program within 24 months of your ETS. BEAR is an extension of your current emlistment, allowing you time to complete your training. After training is complete you reenlist. You should see your Career Counselor to answer any other questions you may have.
You are officially in the program when you sign the papers, soon after that you will get a school date...but you can't sign the papers until you meet all the requrements for that MOS.

You don't reenlist for the BEAR, you might need to extend to be able to finish school...after school you probably have to reenlist to meet at least the SRR, most of the MOS's require at least 3 years...also, if you want to get the bonus, you reenlist.

Like "tschermerhorn1" said, go and see your CC, he/she will explain everything you need to know.

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