1- MRE Poundcake, NOT the chocolate one... it just tastes horrible
1- Package of MRE Crackers
1- Pack of dairy creamer
1- Pack of cocoa mix
1- Pack of MRE Sugar
1- Water and a canteen cup with a spoon to mix
1- Book of matches

In the canteen cup mix the cocoa powder, dairy creamer, pack of sugar with some water in a clean canteen cup. Add the various powders as needed to make the icing as thick or as thin as you want. Mix them all together.

Then take the poundcake (I prefer anything but the chocolate, the brownie works in a pinch but thats WAY too much chocolate for me Smiler ) and add the icing on top. Serve the cake on a plate of crackers to prevent drippage onto Gortexs and rucks. Throw some of the matches on top to act as candles and serve to the birthday-boy/girl/whatever.

If you have a pre-fab breakfast and a MRE lunch try to swipe some fruitloops from the DFAC. Put them on the outside of the cake to act as decoractions. That icing is like glue so they shouldnt fall off. Gummy bears work too.

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