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Well its fat again!!!

Always had trouble with weight management and did an awesome job, with the help of the police academy, dropping 40 pounds and keeping it off for over a year back in 2006. Came back on Active duty in Feb 2007 weighing 218 at 73 inches and 19% BF. Broke my leg on a Garrison Operation in Dec 2007 and was in a cast for 12 weeks. Let things slide and really did not, could not PT then.

Got put in a walking boot for 12 more weeks and then off o three months of physical therapy. Now I have never been a PT stud by any means and still have some issues with my affected limb. That having been said I was an E-5 reservist before coming back to active duty and being reduced to SPC for some reason (only DA & HRC know). Dealt with it and here I am promotion board eligible, but overweight, over fat by 7 percent (31% BF to be exact, but I am 31) and serious lacking in PT.

We are deploying to OEF in the Winter and will be walking to Mountains of Afghanistan. I DO NOT WANT TO DIE DUE TO MY LACK OF PREPARATION!!!

I am a pretty visual learner and love the Army and serving my country. I want to stay in for my 20 or more this time and re-enlist when my window opens in June 2009. Can any one point in the direction of a solid fitness program to help me MAX my P/U...S/U...and pretty damn close to my run before we leave. I would also at the least like to come back from OEF an E-5, if not leave Ft. Bragg as one.

Any help anyone can offer would be appreciated! I do not want to let myself, my wife, my son, or my Unit down by not being prepared!

All the Way!!!!
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Ok guy. First off if you broke your leg its not really your fault that you couldn't do PT. Now its just getting back to where you were before and better is the problem right? Right. First off let me first explain that I am a Nutritionist so this is kinda my area of expertise.

Ok first things first. You need to do something about your weight. Because it doesn't matter if you MAX your PT, if you are overweight you will still be flagged and not eligble for promotion. Start by eating breakfast. As stupid as it may seem, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. For one reason. It breaks your fast from dinner. Hence the name BREAKFAST. Second thing is you need to eat 5 small meals a day instead of eating one or two big ones. This will regulate your metabolism so it does not spike and drop. It lean meats, avoid sweets (including soda unless diet), and EXERCISE!! It will take time, but you will drop weight and with exercise you will get into shape.

Next is the exercise plan. Various exercises will improve your muscle strength and endurance. Try to do some type of cardio at least an hour a day 5-6 times a week. Also Weight lifting when incorporated with cardio WILL increase your metabolism which will expedite the weight loss. Now don't just run, run and run. Try doing different types of cardio. Elliptical machines, stair step, and bikes just to name a few. It you are just trying to improve your pushups and situps here is the best way. Diamonds. Start at 10 pushups or situps and work your way down to 1. Then when done work your way back up to 10. Achieving true muscle failure is key to increasing your repetitions. Not just the "oh i don't feel like doing this anymore muscle failure". With the situps do not have your feet held or put under the sofa. Have them free and use your hip flexors to bring your self up. This may be hard at first but trust me you WILL improve your reps. Next work on form. Instead of looking at the ground when doing push ups, look straight ahead. This keeps your back straight and makes the perfect form. When doing sit ups try to extend your feet out a little more (not to exceed a 90 degree angle though). During a PT test, throw yourself down instead of just letting yourself down. Also try starting using just ab muscles. Tell the person holding your feet to just barely hold them for the first minute then hold them with all there weight for the last minute. When you get tired using your ab muscles, use just your hip flexors with the assistance of them holding your feet. (This routine only works if you are used to doing sit ups without someone/something holding your feet). I have maxed sit ups plus some every PT test because of this method.

If you have any further questions, you can either post them on here and I will answer, or you can schedule an appointment with your dietician at the hospital. This will really increase your odds of being the perfect weight and the PT stud you have always dreamed of being.

Let me know how it goes.

Airborne All The Way

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