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Hey all. I have really strong leg muscles, but my arms are very weak. I need to build more muscle, but I also need to lose 30 pounds to fit the weight requirements. That is quite an amount to lose for my body, especially when trying to add muscle strength.

Any tips on losing fat in my waist and gaining strength in my arms?

Thank you!

PS - How much do you run daily?
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Sounds like you are in the same shoes as me. I graduated college in May 2003 and am having serious thoughts about joining. I am going to try and go in as an officer as well. It requires interviewing with a board before I sign up. Do not let them talk you into going enlisted and trying to become an officer later. If you are accepeted before you leave it is a guarentee. Make sure you don't give up what you want because they can get it for you.

Tips for physical fitness. Start out doing what is comfortable and begin pushing yourself. Increase your distance you run and try and fit in some short sprinting days. Keep working on your pushups and situps. do them more regular and increase the amount of reps. You will find it all gets easier. I have been losing wait by cutting back on what I eat. Eat smart and less. Doing all of this means you consume less calories and burn more.
As for the waist.

Stop eating breakfast, eat a light lunch, and a decent, but not crazy size dinner. Run 3-4 miles 5 times a week, and start working on sit-ups and flutter kicks.

Those don't do much for helping loose the waist, but they'll work the muscles and once you loose it, they'll already be developed.

People try to say being fat is a disease. Yeah, that disease is called lazy and undiciplined. Cut back on your food intake. And all this carb diet stuff you keep hearing about, it's nothing you should take too seriously. As long as your are active, and run regullary, carbs are good for the body.

You can loose 30 pounds in a couple months if you drastically cut back your food intact. Not to the point where you starve yourself, because your body will slow down when it starts to starve. It may be "unhealthy" as they say to loose that much that fast, but that's bull.
Also, you might not need to lose 30lbs. to be within standard. You may fall within range of the tape test. That is, you may fail the weight portion, but be within passing for your overall body fat percentage. Maybe someone else can explain it a little better.
It's not really weight you need to lose, it's fat that you need to lose. Burn the fat by burning more calories than you eat. Eat Healthy and do cardio to lose, Increase your running distance everyday. To gain the upper body strength you should weight train. Weight training not only helps build muscle but it increases your metabolism which will help you burn the fat.
I also started preparing for physical tests - needed to lose weight, did everything I could - diet, pills together with excercises - DID NOT HELP!

Then my friend recommended Sushi diet. (I like sushi). So I started preparing at home and eating only Sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I excercised as much as I did before. In 45 days I lost 27 pounds! I am amazed by the results.

So now I am at about 200 lbs. Need to cut down about 15-20 more pounds and I'll be in a good physical shape in order to join the army.

So I would seriously advise enyone who wants to lose weight fast - Sushi diet ! Eat as much as you want, as often as you want - your body will digest it fast. And you will start losing those extra chunks Smiler
I would advise you NOT to try a Carb diet. Cutting carbs will only make you weak (since carbs are used as energy). For someone that works out like a military man, Carbs are one of the major things you DO need.

if you look at most of the people on the Atkins diet, you will see that they do very little PT. (most of them).

Here is the most proven way to lose weight effectively:

Cardio, cardio and more cardio. Run and run and watch your diet. You should know what you can and can't eat. Watch the junk food most of all.

Just be careful when it comes to running. If you start to hurt....STOP.

Do you lift weights? This will help with the upper body strength. Bench Press will build the chest muscles and tricep muscles somewhat, and Curls will build the bicep muscles.

be sure to incorporate Pushups and situps in, since this is needed for PT in the army.

good luck!

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