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My unit is currently fenced in for a deployment to Korea in 2016. I have a ETS of October 2016 and I am being told if I don't extend, I will be assigned to a different unit and I will be forced to involuntarily separate prior to my re-enlistment window. Is there any ground for being involuntarily separated? I want to verify I am not being BS'd here.

Any input?

Oh btw, I have to make the choice by Nov 12th, which is a couple of days from now.
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Are you sure is 2016? That is 2 years from now, I don't see how they can force you to make a decission now...unless you already have orders cut. Until then, you don't know for sure if you are going anywhere. When the orders are cut if you don't meet the time requirements then you have to make a decision. Extend or decline the orders, but then you can't reenlist.
Yes. If a soldier is unwilling to extend in order to go on a deployment with the unit they are assigned to, they will be separated.


The Enlisted Involuntary Early Separation Program has been in effect for some time for Soldiers whose units are deploying and their ETS date is during that deployment.

In those cases, Soldiers would be offered the chance to re-enlist, extend or choose a different unit or military occupational specialty, said Bragg. If they didn't, they would be involuntarily separated up to one year before their ETS. That remains in effect.
I would eventually like to re-enlist once my window opens and I actually have a application in with the White House Communications Agency that has been accepted; however, it is pending my TS security clearance.

I am just looking to see if I choose to say no to extending specifically for the Korea deployment, will it automatically mean I will be separated?

I've emailed my Branch Manager to see if there are any other positions available on Fort Hood for a 25B SGT like myself.

Also, I have 9 years of TIS as of last month and I am currently promotable as well.

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