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You'll likely either be going to 11th ACR or to the Ops Group road runner team. Either way, there is a lot of field time involved (200 days a year + or -) although depending on where exactly you are will determine your hours and what the field actually involves. Base is very much isolated so plan on living on post. If you're married, it will take her some time to get used to not having creature comforts (driving 30 miles just to get to the corner of I-15 and no where and then another 10 miles to get to something that kinda resemplese civilization. It has its perks (easy acess to Las Vegas and a ton of cool places in So Cal) but a busy schedule. This assignment is very much what you make of it.
Hi all, I'm going to be a 51C (Contracting NCO) stationed at Fort Irwin in January. I will be with the 679th Contracting Contigency Team working in the Mission Installation Contracting Office. Can anyone can give me any insight on things to do around base? Housing? I read the nearest town was Barstow and the meth capital of the world. Any cleaner, nicer, areas to live around Barstow if I'm not able to live on base? Is the Base housing nice or ghetto? Any information would be great! Thanks...
Everything you heard about Barstow is true. I would not recomend to live there, althou many soldier live there. Your next choice is Victorville, about 70 miles away from Ft Irvin. That is a nice place, but do you want to travel 140-150 miles every day? So, my suggestion is live on post; is not that bad, some housing are pretty nice.

When they say Ft Irvin is in the middle of nowhere, well this is literary in the middle of the desert. For 30 miles is absolutley nothing, and then is Barstow, and then nothing again, until Victorville. On the other hand, Ft Irvin is half away between Las Vegas and LA, so when you get off you have places to go.
CrisTama pretty much speaks the truth. I would defiantly not live in Barstow (I don't even use the Walmart in Barstow). There are some nice areas in Victorville and I would say that the vast majority of our civilians/contractors live there. There is a commuter bus that runs between Victorville and Irwin every day which is very popular and can save a ton of gas money with as high as gas is out here.

Base really isn't that bad. Housing depends on where you live with some areas being pretty damn nice to others starting to show their age. What rank are you? The nice part is that with the exception of the busy summer PCS season there is almost always housing available to move straight into (unless you're looking for something special like a 4 bedroom). Base has the basics, PX, commissary, some fast food, a "restaurant". The PX and commissary will get you most of the basics although they can often run out of certain items when a rotation is starting up. You have your basic AAFES fast food places plus a few others. The Sam Adams Grill has good beer but the food leaves a lot to be desired. I personally make a run in to Victorville once a month and hit up Costco and buy a ton of things bulk.

Being so close to LA/Vegas/San Diego is great and defiantly gives you a lot of options if you want to get off the island. From the sound of it, the rotation calendar won't really affect you much which means you'll be free most weekend which is defiantly nice. All and all by no means my favorite place to be stationed but for sure not my least favorite one either.

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