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First I'd like to say hello all; this is my first post on the board, and thanks in advance for any info i might receive.

I'm currently a Army Reserve PFC in AIT for MOS 91D- Power Generation Equipment Repairer at Fort Lee, Virginia. I was split-op and had some problems with my recruiter when my time to ship to AIT came last fall (he lost my 201 file), so I just now got into AIT in December. It's been quite a while since I graduated BCT- over a year and a half, and since then, I've lost my mother to cancer and my father has had 2 strokes. Through stress and my own laziness, I've fallen out of shape. My recruiter lied on a PT test and said I passed it in order to ship me to AIT despite my objections. Now that I am in AIT, I am concerned that I will not be able to pass the final record APFT before I graduate.

I talked to my platoon sergeant about any sort of remedial PT program and he said that we must do it on our own, so on weekends I run around the barracks and every night I do PT in my room. Still, I'm concerned I won't pass because my AIT is rather short- 9 weeks left. Furthermore, the sergeants said the PT we do every morning is intended to just maintain us, not get us into shape like in BCT.

So my question is, if my working out isn't enough, and I do end up failing the record APFT before graduation, what will become of me? Will I become a "holdover", and stay until I pass? Or will I be "red flagged" and sent to my unit to pass a test back home? To be honest I'm hoping for the latter. My dad is a veteran and wants me to do my best over here, but I don't know how much more of his heart condition he can take. I want to graduate ASAP and be there for him just like I was with my mom (I don't want to have to wait for Red Cross leave). I would take this to my platoon sergeant but frankly I'm not sure if I'll get a straight answer. Any help would take a lot of weight off my chest.
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Take this as a suggestion, and do with it what you will:

Pass the APFT. Nine weeks is plenty of time for you to get in shape. You will have to do PT on your own time. The PT you do in the morning will not target your individual needs. If you know you need to work on push ups, then do 40 push ups every morning when you first get up. If it is push ups and sit ups, then do both when you first get out of bed. Find time to run in the evenings.

I know you have been through a lot in the meantime, but your issue with passing the APFT is yours. No one else can cause you to get out of shape. No one else can get you into shape.

I understand how easy it is to pass the blame. Being out here in Recruiting I gained 50 pounds and couldn't pass a single APFT event. I got tired of it, and worked on my PT. I lost over 60 pounds in less than 3 months, and got a 240 on my last APFT.

Good luck.
Thanks for the response, sergeant.

I understand that PT is an issue only I can resolve, but I'd like to cover all my bases- whether I pass or fail. Do you know the policy with reservists? Are we held over until we pass or red flagged and still sent home? In the meantime I will be doing all I can to get back into shape but I want to know what happens if the worst case scenario presents itself. Murphy's Law, you know? I asked my platoon sergeant the same question today and he said that "I have to find out for myself". (?)
I know when I joined in 2006 I had a Guard and Reservist who I hung out with all the time. Both of them had trouble passing the PT test and were already graduated from class. They were held over until they passed.

Keep in mind that was in 2006-07. I'm not quite sure if it's the same thing now, but I don't see why they would change it.
Well you want to be with your dad, I would keep the mentality that IF I DON'T PASS IT WILL BE LESS TIME I SPEND WITH HIM. I wouldn't even probe any further since it really is going to be a case by case, post by post, PT grader by PT grader unique decision you will not get a correct answer for (unless you straight BOMB it).
Thanks for the responses-

I've heard from some people that the "red flag" is common policy and from others that holding someone over is common. I guess I just have to find out myself. In the meantime I am training on my own and with any luck I will pass my record APFT. I do want to be back with my dad more than anything, so that's motivation enough.

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