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I am a 23 yr old female Spc in the Army reserves. I am a 91B and have been in for 4 years. I will say that I would like to make an actual career out of the army, but am unable to do that doing drills and TDY whenever they need me. I am proud of doing my duty for my country, but the reserves ins't fulfilling my ambitions with the army. I will be applying for AGR, but am really interested in going Active duty. I understand that the Army is downsizing, but I am willing to reclass if necessary. Do I have any options?

My scores are:
GM: 110
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Doesnt matter what your scores are. You need to get your conditional release approved and then you can talk to an AD recruiter. Go to an AD recruiter and get the forms and hope your unit is willing to release you.

Also, prior service has limited options so that is another issue as well.

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