Is Anyone Leaving For Ft. Jackson July 28th?
Also In Now Really Sure What I Need To Bring, So Could Anyone Help Me Out?
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Wear some clothes and take a small sturdy backpack to carry any extra stuff- I would bring toothbrush, razor, etc...

I would NOT take lots of extra.
You don't even need an extra change of clothes: the first thing you'll do is be issued the "Physical Training" (PT) uniform (shorts and T-shirt.) The second is they'll tell you that you can't wear your "civilian clothes" anymore.

In fact after you get through a reception station, you'll lock up all the civilian clothes you brought. (So the backpack comes in handy- so your stuff doesn't get lost in the closet with everyone else's.)

Then you won't get them back except to carry them to AIT, where they might get locked up again for 4+ weeks.

AND at basic they give you a huge duffle bag of stuff, you will NOT be able to fit anything extra in there. (again, the backpack comes in handy. Smiler )

If your backpack is all black with no logos you can wear it In Uniform for the rest of your time in the Army. (I prefer Jansport, carefully cut off the logo..)

You can have family/ friends mail you clothes when you can finally wear them, or you'll have the PX or shopping off-post once you are finally able to wear "civvies" again.
(Leave your stuff at home in order so it's easy for someone to send you what you want. Wink )

Good luck- remember just do what you're told and the Army is EASY. Big Grin

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