FT Jackson 20101905, Anyone else shipping this date?

Here's a few tips...

Bring a small gym bag with very few personal belongings with you to MEPS. You will get issued a lot of gear in reception and be expected to haul it all by yourself when the time comes to ship off to your basic training battalions. If you're a male, throw away the shampoo because you'll be bald soon. If you're a female, I recommend cutting your hair short, less than shoulder length and don't let it fall in your face. You will save a lot of time that way.

Just remember to embrace the suck and keep in the back of your mind that it's a training game and you'll do fine. Stay away from the negative people and the oxygen thieves. You'll soon learn when you get there who will end up getting washed out within six months to a year.

If you become injured, hold your head up and don't hang back with the other broke people. You can still graduate with an injury if you make it clear to your drill sergeants that you didn't go all that way there just to be sent home.

Good luck!
Yea, word of advice, don't be a prick, be humble. You have no idea what basic training is like, even if you have listened to a million stories. Also keep in mind, the Drill Sergeants at the Reception Battalion are like puppy dogs compared to your platoon DS, so save the stress for Basic, and not reception, it will be a big waste of energy otherwise. But just do what your told and push yourself harder than anyone else is pushing you. You chose to join, so why not get the most out of it? It will make you much stronger not just physically, but emotionally. But good luck to you all and take care! Hopefully when you get to Sam you won't have to wait forever and a day in reception for 68W, I am in a medic company and reception there doesn't sound fun at all. Your doing something great though, don't ever regret it.

P.S. DONT WEAR THE FREAKING ARMY SHIRT YOUR RECRUITER GAVE YOU WHEN YOU SHIP OUT! YOU WILL BE EATEN ALIVE! And never underestimate the female DS's, it will be the worst mistake you'll ever make.
That would be awesome ! Looking forward to seeing new people and getting to experience something that only comes once in a lifetime. I am looking forward to my drill instructors and seeing how hard they will work on building each and everyone of us into strong individuals.
Take care,
Tommie Guns
basic training was fun, no joke, i seriously met some of the coolest people of my lives there. and the drill sergeants arent as bad as you think, dont get me wrong they will give you stress at times to simulate battlefield stress but i remember after awhile we would do stuff to try to get on there nerves and get smoked, you know nothing bad just enough to get there attention in a good way! Remember though you are training for a war either Iraq or Afghanistan, Iraq not so much anymore but Afghanistan is a warzone still so keep that in mind, dont BS the training you will need it, but in saying that dont get upset if you dont fully get something within your 9 weeks of fun, for you will have the time to catch it at your unit! thanks for deciding to serve SPC(P) Voll!

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