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Do you very badly want to stay in the military? If not just completely fail your PT test and start eating at the base mcdonalds or burger king or eat the cheese burgers in the mess line and blow the tape test then he will have a reason to have you on the fat boy program and you will eventually be chaptered out after repeated failures and failed tape tests. Some of these commanders and NCO's need to start experencing consequences for the degredation in the quality of life that there decisions impose on thoes below them. When no one can pass a PT test or no one gives a flip anymore higher ups should take notice, if they dont then let the cards fall where they may.
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Ya that sort of stuff does happen at PTRPS! I was in one for over 100 days. A freak accident sent me there, WK 7 and I dislocated my patella with MCL and ACL damage. You are a laughing stock, the cadre messes with you calls you failures and what not. I was there 28 soldiers went AWOL and I can't count how many either went to the crazy to get out or acted suicidally. Finally the post CSM came and eased things up a bit but I was already out. Some the things we did was...standing in formation to the heat of a July afternoon of a SC day... because a soldier who was on crutches didn't get up fast enough when cadre walked in...got woken up at 2 or 3 in the morning for locker searches and after they destroyed the bays we had to clean them before going back to bed but it was time to get up by then....place sucked...
I was there about a year and a half prior to Scarano's OD and had a similar incident happen with Jason Poirier. He was in the bunk next to mine when he died of an OD. Still don't know if it was an accident or intentional on his part. Like to think it was an accident.
Ft Sill PTRP and Ft Jackson PTRP seem to be similar. All of the soldiers sent to PTRP are injured to the point that they are unable to continue training until they have (hopefully)recovered from their injuries. Instead of providiing rehabilitation and convalescence, the cadre at Ft Sill showed a lack of concern for the injured soldiers.
Personally, I had re-entered the Army after a 5 year break between re-enlistments with 6 years time in service from my first enlistment as a medic. I fractured my ankle while repeating BCT. Unfortunately, a botched surgery and not being allowed proper medical care on Ft Sill following my surgery (I was forced to do locker drills on crutches 4 hours after I had come out from surgery, as just 1 example). 4 weeks after my surgery, I was told that I would never be able to effectively serve in the military again and my medical discharge was strung out over 9 months. For those 9 months, the soldiers of PTRP and I were submitted to stricter privations then BCT trainees. Everything had been taken from us at one point or the other. There was one stretch of 2 months where the only things that we were allowed to have was 1 apir of running shoes, 2 PT uniforms, 7 pairs of socks, and 7 pairs of Army-issue underwear (the brown Army nut-huggers)and a laundry bag. The entire PTRP was allotted 1 roll of toilet paper every 2 days for the traditional use and as our only cleaning supply for our barracks that we were confined to for 18-20 hours a day. Any other items than those mentioned were considered contraband and posession of such was grounds for punishment. Soldiers were even denied their prescribed medications. There was one private that had gone so far as to assault an NCO so that he could be court-martialed and sentenced to the Ft Sill Correctional Facility, as the prisoners received better treatment and more privileges than we did at PTRP.
I remember thinking that I would be better off as a POW because the Geneva Convention would have guaranteed me better treatment, both humanely and medically.

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