Full Spectrum Warrior

While I'm waiting for my record to be sorted, I've been busy immersing myself in [color=orange:43d845f48d]Full Spectrum Warrior[/color:43d845f48d] for the X-Box.

Has anybody played it? It's absolutely amazing in my opinion and gives a great impression (I think) of what it's like to be a member of a fire team in a light infantry unit. Can anybody concur?


And, I have a couple of questions as well:

1.) Can enlisted personel earn the Ranger tab and not be stationed with the 75th? I really don't want to be stationed in the ass end of the world (a.k.a. Georgia). I've lived in the South and I really don't care for it. But if you do, that's great. Big Grin

2.) How long can one remain in an airborne unit before you're considered too old to jump? After then are you forced out or dropped back to a land based unit?

3.) Is MOUT the only thing currently taught in AIT or is it only a part of the tactics you learn?
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Thanks for the response, Daddy Warcrimes.

This is probably impossible, but what I'm shooting for:

1.) 18x
2.) Ranger option
3.) First post in Europe

I know the Ranger (Option 40?) is kinda redundant, but I'd really like to earn the tab in addition to the SF tab. I'll keep my fingers crossed until I find out otherwise.

Thanks again.
You know if you go Ranger (as a Private) you have about a 50/50 chance of going to Frt. Lewis That is about as un-Southern as the Army gets.

PS Mean Green- If you want to go to selection as an officer spend a lot more time with your 11B SSG's who are from light units. They have more experience at the skills used at selection. I am not saying all officers are "soft" (far from) but you do not have the execution experience that the SSG's do. And you will not wear any rank at selection but everyone will know you are the O3

Good luck!
Kahuku Saint,

Forst let me stringly advise you against going 18x with no military experience. You will not be SF for about four years in that program. You are better off spending two or three years in the light Infantry or Ranger unit then going to selection when you make E4

Second there are no Ranger Bat's in Europe so forget that. And SF does not give station of choice because they assign you to a group based on how well the think you will blend in.

Germany can be awesome for a single guy. But 173rd is hard to get as a first duty station and 1stAD and 1stID are both Mechanized (11M for life) or you could go to 2ACR Striker. But try to avoid 1stAD TRUST ME! (look at my name)
Yeah video games are great and all, but nothing can really can compare to the real thing.

I have read some people advise you against going 18X. I would have to disagree with them...It does not take 4 yrs to earn the tab...I have 3 guys on my team right now that went through the 18X programs and none took that long. If you get selected for 18D (medic) you would be looking at 2 yrs in the course regardless of how much experience you have. And as far as getting experience the SOPC course will prepare you for selection better then anything you could learn on the outside (except for Ranger Bn.) Cause all you will do for a month is go through selection step by step. (and they weed out a lot of 18X's during SOPC)

I have been with SF almost 5 yrs. Seen good 18X and bad, but if your lookin to get out of the South for awhile then go 11B with the Ranger options cause if you make it through SOPC and Selection you are looking at spending some serious time at Bragg.

Just some stuff for you to think about as you try to make your decision.

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