Is it honorable not wanting to participate in funerals, wether it be mandatory or not?

Consider: Have gone over 1yr 3mos and willingly go again
Have 15+ in
Don't wish to see that side,the side of what family-friends may possibly see
I'm not ready for that possible visual
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The way I see it, you are the lucky one that made it back, it would be nice of you to show the respect to that soldier and his family since he didn't.

Another way to look at it, how are you going to task out your soldiers to do funeral detail at some point if you won't?

Death is part of life. At some point you will have to deal with the loss of a loved one which is going to cause you pain that no one is ever ready for. I understand your not wanting to go, but sometimes you need to do things you don't want or aren't ready to do.

Good luck with your decision.....

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