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I logged onto my FSTS account today, and when I looked at the BCT countdown, there is none. It states, "Your BCT countdown cannot be displyed because your profile does not include your contract and ship dates."
But for the past month it's been working. I then checked my profile and it had no info, nothing in my ship date, recruiter, MOS, rank, BCT location, etc.
The only info it had was my email and state.
Is the system being screwy or did something bad happen?
Also, who controls the information stored on my account? Is it my recruiter or somebody bigger?
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I took a look at the site and I'M GUESSING, that it's being run by soldiers, probably recruiters and/or admin personnel. As far as them not having your info recently after it had all been there, it could be a technical problem which happens in any business, or one or the moderators is preemptively removing you from the site since you will be leaving soon for BCT. Being a Soldier vs a Future Soldier.

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