Is it just me, or has the need for the FIST to even HAVE a G/VLLD gone away? Copperhead is almost nonexistant. Most of what we have, the lots are expired anyway. With the Army wide fielding of the AH-64D to Army Attack Aviation, the Longbow can designate targets for itself, as well as the other birds in the group. The Air Force is getting so uptight about us FISTers having anything to do with CAS. They don't even want us lazing targets for them. Is this the end for the G/VLLD?


I certianly hope so, Im sick and tired of that antiquated hunk of junk. It's time it went the way of the DMD and IFSAS. 8)
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First off I agree with the original poster the G/VLLD is a antique. My unit just got some LLDR's, haven't had a chance to use them but they are smaller and lighter then a G/VLLD.

rpreludet691- there is one thing that grinds my gears is false information being posted as if it is facts. Your a friggin NCO you should know about your equipment, heck your on a COLT team this subject is your bread and butter. Unless your a brand new 13F there is absolutely no excuse for not knowing the difference between a G/VLLD and a Viper. The Viper is replacing the the M25 which replaced the MELIOS. The G/VLLD is for designating a tgt, ie Copperhead, Hellfire, JDAM... All a Viper is good for is range and azmith. Laser rangefinder does not equal laser designation.

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FISTofGOD- before you keep posting about I should know my JOB U should check your self. In FORT HOOD we get everything last And knowing my job THAT IS WHY I GOT PICK over E-7, E-8 TO BE THE MASTER GUNNER FROM A BRIGADE and THAT IS WHY I made the top 3 colt TEAM in from all the 13F in FORT HOOD. I know my job and I do MY BEST at everything. I only put they came up with the VIPER I believe you can lase with that but I’m not sure. I was told it was better than the GVLLD. Where in all that is the false information posted 26 February 2006 are u serious. IF you want to talk about 13f stuff we can all day. Thanks SSG RAMIREZ

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