By the gracious hand of SSG_K this forum should be used for ANY NCO's or officers who have any input or suggestions as to how to perform/conduct NCOPD classes. I know i could use help some help with interesting ideas for classes.... i'm getting bored with the ever-to-popular ones.
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[color=olive:1e4be2a7bc][/color:1e4be2a7bc]i am a young in my nco years and have only been to a couple ncopd's. my current unit does not practice this at all, and the couple that i went to were nothing to write home about...
what am i missing out on? as you can tell i'm looking for some mentorship...any takers???

I must say i am pretty disappointed that your unit doesn't take an active role in NCOPD. NCO professional development is designed to teach NCO's how to correctly do their job, and become better leaders! DA PAM 600-25 covers NCOPD. Yes, it is an actual Army program, not just something that some senior NCO's came up with. Information on NCOPD can also be found in FM's 25-100 and 25-101. I will post some ideas for NCOPD classes tomorrow, just really busy tonight with soldier business.
[color=olive:dc2d51fae4][/color:dc2d51fae4]in all honesty, i'm disappointed as well. thanks...i'll be looking those up...
i'm currenly supporting a CID unit...i'm not an agent, i'm supply. anyway it's not the kind of unit i'm used to (for crying out loud, we don't even get TA-50!) so i'm trying to challenge myself to stay abreast on as much of the stuff i know i'm missing out on...thanks for your help. i'll be keeping an eye on this forum...
The best NCOPD topics are ones that are tailored to your unit. I don't know what level you are doing this at or what your audience is. Do some research into what your unit may need improvement on (NCO things) and go from there. Check counseling packets and if they aren't up to standard, give a class on proper counseling techniques. If you are going to be fielded with new equipment, getting your NCOs T'd up on the equipment before the soldiers get them is better. If maintenance is a problem for your unit, you can always do classes on that. If you unit is planning a deployment, classes on the area they are deploying to, or ACS items might be relevant (to help soldiers deal with family issues while gone). General classes are the common place, but to be truely effective, it needs to be personalized. If your unit has a bunch of newly promoted NCOs and CPLs, Precombat Inspections and leaderbook type information might be most beneficial. If you are planning on mainly career type soldiers, if you could get someone who has sat on a DA Board to give an overview of the promotion process from their perspective would be good. I hope this helps.
I must say, very well spoken Reality_Check. He is absolutely correct, it needs to be tailored to your units METL. For instance i just gave an NCOPD on events that will be happening in a Leadership Reaction Course that i am preparing for next month. In that i needed to ensure that all the NCO's were up to par on all tasks that will be taking place. This was especially important because the NCO's were all going to be OC's (observation and controllers) during the event. So if any of the soldiers really couldn't figure something the OC would fully understand and be able to provide some direction. In an overview i covered..... night land nav with no compass.... set-up and control a live-fire ambush.... EPW searches and collection points.... as well as alot of ways to perform tactical recon for 36hrs. Of course alot of these could be dealt with in regular training or sergeants time training, but i needed to make sure the NCO's could properly observe the teams doing the events.

In that matter, i feel that i've put together an excellent L.R.C. If anyone wants any info on it just let me know... i have it all from MICON, OPORD to risk assesments. Of course it would need to be tailored to fit your needs.
I'm not sure what is is with today's army but as NCO's in some aspects we are failing. I know not everyone or every unit is but I've been from FT Campbell, to Korea, to FT Campbell to Iraq in the last 3 years and I've seen a poor attempt at SGT's time training, a lack of NCOPD's, confusion on what we should be doing for NCOPD's........and unfortunately alot of this is at the senior leader level.

Some very good topics and statements were made in this forum on possible NCOPD's and if you are in a unit that does not seem to be giving NCOPD's then use your chain of command and NCO support channel and request them. Offer to teach a class, even something basic. NCOPD's are a perfect way for us to mentor young NCO's, to perhaps correct mistakes some leaders make, and to ensure that NCO's are T'd on tasks prior to taking things down to the soldiers. We owe it to ourselves and each other to check each other out and ensure that we are giving the most appropriate and professional appearance and sometimes that doesn't happen without a little NCOPD......since being in Iraq I've witnessed a few NCOPD's one turned out to be a fraternization class with a CSM flirting with female NCO's in front of everyone, another happened to be 1SG's explaining the role of their companies and the leaders that fill positions. (kind of tacky and late in the game I thought)

If you are facing deployment teach some troop leading procedures, some PCI's, some basic infantry, security, defense, force protection measures......put together some convoy battle drills. If there is a class that your unit needs chances are it can be taught as NCOPD to leaders first, and then one leader or a few can take that same instruction and bring it down to the lower enlisted as well. This won't always work with all tasks but by far seize the opportunity.

If your unit is not doing Sergeant's Time Training then perhaps look or request to a senior NonCom a class on the proper way to conduct Sergeant's Time Training.

I believe more often then not at this point NCOPD's or STT events aren't occuring because we as leaders are getting caught up in things that we think are more important, or they get shoveled under a training calendar and forgotten about.

I had someone once say in reference to training and whether or not my soldiers were prepared for war: "How often does everyone get an hour and a half for lunch, or has an hour and a half after PT before work call, or gets off at 1500 or even 1600. How often is there a few soldiers sitting around while leaders are deciding what to do.....those are all training opportunities......Kinda makes you think doesn't it. Yes we all know that training should be planned, prepared, and resourced in order to be valuable and presentable but don't make it harder then it is. Take a simple task, some equipment, manuals, resources and present it.....and then build on that task by incorporating it into others. Do your soldiers know how to call up an ACE report or SALUTE, do they know how to handle EPW's, do they know how to clear a building or perform in urban terrain, when is the last time someone went over terrain association, map reading skills, determining an azimuth........If the squad leader is taken out, does the next person in line know what to do? If the convoy commander is killed who is the next inline, and does the person 4 or 5 people down know the succession of command? How many NCO's don't know about MDMP (military decision making process) or OPORD's, etc.

I think I wandered a bit off the path with this post but I think you all get where I'm coming from. NCOPD's tailored to unit, promoted from senior enlisted leadership, to ensure confidence and ability in lower leaders to employ their soldiers successfully.....

sorry for the long winded post, and I look forward to more topics and ways to conduct NCOPD's and leadership training
"this ain't how the Army used to be"

I just made my E5 and I am planning getting out ASAP just because I've heard to much of that from seasoned "leaders" For the ones that really do give a damn, why do you bother because the next person that takes your position when you PCS or whatever has the potential to let all your hard work fall apart. Its such a vicious cycle. Ive also seen too many senior ncos actually look out for $h!tbag soldiers and cover for them and actually go out of their way to help them get to the board and get promoted etc. This whole E5 thing doesnt really mean that much to me when i see stuff like that happening. The army needs more than just some NCOPDs to get this place in shape.
After sitting around with some fellow NCO's and some brain fluid (BEER), we came up with this idea. Once a year we would have a movie day, using snippets from a variety of movies to help illustrate certain points. We would not show the whole movie, just sections of it, with a brief blurb about what we where trying to get across.

Examples include:
[u:fcaf682a8a]Zulu[/u:fcaf682a8a] (about defense of Rorke's Drift), to show importance of terrain, marksmanship, unit cohesion.

[u:fcaf682a8a]We were soldiers once... [/u:fcaf682a8a]To show the value of training, especially battle drills and consolidation and reorganization phase.

[u:fcaf682a8a]Saving Private Ryan[/u:fcaf682a8a] The horror and Fog of war.

I have tried to put this together for my 1SG, but my unit has been picemealed out to fill in units going to Iraq. I hope to get it set up and running for our post Annual training NCOPD.

Just a thought.
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