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Hello all im 25 years old and i have decided to join the national Guard next June of 08. so in that time i want to get ready and prepare mentaly and physically.So my questions are

Is Basic training all the same for each division of the military ie navy army national guard?

And what are the qualifications to pass the PT test for sit ups pull ups push ups and the run is it 1 mile or 2?

I just wanna make sure i can pass the pt part.

Thank you
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No BCT is different for each branch of the military.. i.e Army and Navy have different standards.

The run it 2 miles

Since you are 25 this is what u have to do:

Pushups: you have to do 40 to pass
Situps: you have to do 50 to pass
2 mile run: you need to run at least 16:36 to pass.

Good Luck
Thanks alot everyone for the help. I just needed to know the requirements for PT. i will train my hardest and try and get the highest score possible.. i have a long way to go.

Thank you MSG High there is lots of useful information on this site im glad i was steered the right way.

Thanx again guys

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