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My husband and I are PCSing this summer. He is going to Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, I am moving home to care for disabled mother and sick grandfather whom is living with my mother. We have been in a Germany for the past 10 years. This should be his last duty station unless picked up for MSG. I know the army did away with the geo bac. However, this is not a choice made by us to live apart just because of any BAH or making money. This is the only family I have left, my mother who disabled (physically) is currently living with my brother who is also disabled (mentally impaired) and my 81 year old grandfather who has had a heart attack and stroke. My other brother has been doing this alone for the past couple of years...he is only 30, works away from home during the week. This has been very stressful, I have taken many trips home to help. I need to be closer...the problem I am running into is that BAH is considerably lower in MO, than TN...if we have to rent him an apartment, plus try to buy a home because we still have teens at home. Not to mention we just can't all pile up at my mothers. We are not going to make it. Running two households this far apart from one another is just not going to work? Does anyone have any
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Although difficult, relocate your family members that need care to MO. In the long run, your entire family will be together and you will eliminate 2 payments of rent/mortgage. If they are not legally your dependents, you should work through the process to make them your dependents to increase your husband's BAH and benefits. Your husband's BAH will be based on his home of record near Ft. Leonard Wood, not based on where you are in TN.
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Our home of record is in TN...

Doesn't matter the home of record, the BAH will be at the rate where the Soldier is located.

I am sorry about the situation you are in, but unfortunately is not much you can do (other than relocating your family with you or paying for 2 households). Unless the Soldier is on an unaccompanied tour, the Army will not pay for 2 BAH/OHA...they will see it as "is your choise to be separated, we didn't made you do it". But, there is exception to policy for almost everything, so have your husband talk to his CoC and see if they can a slim chance but it can't hurt to ask.

And FYI, adding dependents will not increase the BAH. BAH is the same for 1 dependent as it is for 10...since he already receiving BAH w/dependents, it doesn't really matter if he adds your parents...but it will help with medical insurance.

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