Im due to leave the end of march for BCT, I wanted to know if there are any tips anyone can give me to start getting into shape. Right now I only can do sit-ups I just have start doing push-ups and ill have that done but I have a big problem running
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... but I have a big problem running

Why? If its a weight thing, I'd work on losing it. If its because you haven't done it much then you just need to get started. You could ease into it by starting a "run/walk" program. For instance, run for 30 seconds and walk for 1 minute. Keep doing this and try to increase you're run time while decreasing (or eliminating) walk time.

If you live close to a good running-shoe store (like Fleet Feet) you might want to consider talking with a salesperson. They can help you pick out the right shoes and can probably help you with starting a running program. The shoes might be a little pricey but one place you DO NOT want to skimp is running shoes. The wrong shoes can really mess you up.

As for the sit-ups and push-ups, it sounds like you got the right idea; just keep doing 'em.

Just make sure you do it at a comfortable pace and avoid injury. The last thing you want to do is get hurt before BCT.

Just my 2 piasters...
Originally posted by SGT Lulu:
Remember that the only event not effected by the others is push-ups. If you are totally exhausted by the end of the push-ups you are going to be hurting on the other events.

Unless you're perfectly fine on the other events. Wink

For many many Years I've done my best on the pushups (muscle failure- getting 70-85 points,) and still maxxed the situps Everytime and got 95+ points on the run.

My last 2 PT tests (Warrant Officer School) I scored 271 and 283, coming in a full minute ahead of the max runtime, but still not beating the pushups. Frowner

When I see a Soldier do the minimum pushups and getup, they usually BARELY pass the other events, if they don't fail. Half of it's probably in the mind.
I barely passed my push-ups at my WLC PT test, but I did it on purpose. Smiler I wanted to see if my push-ups were affecting my run, and sure enough they were. I ran about a minute faster than when I tried to max push-ups.

I just recently started doing three sets in the morning with my body armor on and somehow I managed to do 75 in a minute, I couldn't believe it.
what the cruiser was talking about with the "run/walk" program was the best advice to help your run time. you will do this in basic/ait and i still do this routine with my soldiers here on active duty. you will more than likely hear it referred to as "interval training". the idea behind it is to sprint as hard as you can for 30-60 seconds, and walk for 60-120 seconds. the harder you push yourself, the better the results you will get. if you do this in the few months you have left before you ship, you should be ready for the easy runs you will do when you go to basic. good luck, even though you want to be an mp.
I wasn't a distance runner AT ALL when I went (and I'm still not...but that's a long story).

Do you have access to your local YMCA or a gym? The thing that helped me the most was swimming. I swam two or three days a week and ran once or twice a week. I wasn't a PT stud, but it helped get me to a point where I could run enough to get me to basic with flying colors.

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