Getting in shape, am i alright?

I've been working out using my father's membership at the gym. I've been working out for a little over an hour each day and what I do is stretch first, forward lunges, push ups, crunches, then I use the rowing machine and row for 4000 meters. After this I run a half mile and do my conditioning drills after wards to cool down. I was wondering if this was sufficient or if there is more i should be doing. I'm leaving for BCT in February after my nineteenth birthday. Any suggestions?
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Great job looking out for yourself!

A half mile run is not enough to really get a running workout. You should be doing cardio for 20minutes or more 3 times per week or more.

To avoid messing up your knees, switch up running with swimming, biking, or eliptical.

But really there's not substitute for running, so make sure you are doing longer runs now and again. Find a golf course or other soft-earth running area, or one of those tracks with the rubberized surface..

A lot of Basic Training (and the Army and Life) is getting along with your teammates. At Basi and AIT you will likely be WAY above some of them, so don't criticize or brag, but try to encourage them and help them out.

Welcome to the ranks, and good luck!
I agree with everybody here, but you should add a few more things to maximize your "CAREER" along with your physical fitness. Have your recruiter give you the 60% scores for the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) & try to take one before you ship out to BCT. Also get the info from your recruiter to take the Basic Skills & Knowledge Test (IDK the exact name they're calling it now, but your recruiter will know what you mean.) & complete that too. Doing both will get you promoted to e-2 & e-3 before you ship & you will be 2 steps ahead of most of your peers in the pay grade department (very valuable & a very awesome responsibility to lead the way comes with it.) Of course if you get another person to join with you before BCT, that will get you your mosquitoe wing too.

Physically, I would say the same things as many people here. Run on soft ground, get new running shoes & break 'em in good, run at least 2 miles (with a buddy or your recruiter if you can) for at least 3 times a week, do as many push ups & sit ups as you can when the commercials of your favorite shows come on & get some swimming, biking, eliptical & even Wii fit cardio exercises in on the days that you don't or can't run... You are WAY ahead of the curve, but as AutobahnSHO said in his post, BCT, Army, Life are all about getting along with the team. As an individual, you can get some things done, yes, but none of it matters if the team cannot win or benefit & grow.

(PM me your email address & I'll send you more info that you can keep & share with your soldiers too.)

Welcome to the ranks Joe! Best of blessings to you & your career! See you on the drop zone!
I also recommend you read over the Soldiers Guide, FM 7-21.13 before you leave.

When you get to Reception (prior to basic training), you'll get a "smart book", which will have some basic information on uniforms, the salute, drill movements, etc. It's basically a condensation of the above listed field manual. Read and study it as much as they tell you to and more.

Knowledge is power. PT isn't everything, although it plays a major role. Learn stuff, don't just do stuff.

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