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Today I went all the way through MEPS, but unfortunately, when it came to picking out a date to leave for basic, nothing fit with my schooling. I want to do split training with the National Guard. Does it ever happen where someone will drop out and a slot opens up?
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If I were your Recruiter, we'd have ourselves a little talk. You just burnt up endless hours of your Recruiters time. Taxpayers paid him to do the required paperwork and transport your happy ass to MEPS. They paid all the folks at MEPS to schedule and process you thru the ASVAB and physical. Let me guess, you even stayed in the hotel at taxpayer expense and ate supper too.

With all that time, effort and money spent, you figured the Army had to fit "your" schedule???? On top of all that, your Recruiter got his butt tore up by his boss because you wasted all these folks time.

You've definitely been "SMOKING CANINE FECAL MATTER". If I were your Recruiter, you'd be on your knees begging the Command Sergeant Major to join. I wouldn't give you the time of day. So many people laid off and unemployed, and you didn't want to join - because it didn't fit your schedule??? This isn't freakin' BURGER KING!!! You can't have it "YOUR WAY".

Give your sad ass some time to reflect on what I have said. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. That's my viewpoint on your sad, ridiculous, disrespectful situation.
Also, that MEPS stuff is good for two years. That gives me some time to put the taxpayers money to use. Maybe you should stop roaming around writing your angry little letters on the internet and perhaps lay off the "SMOKING CANINE FECAL MATTER" yourself.
It seems you failed to put all the pertinent information out there. I see you've edited your post to reflect some of your current situation. Split Option? School? High school?

BUT - if you're a HS Senior or a graduate, the split option isn't available to you.

The manner that your first post was presented, really rubbed me the wrong way. My post was not to directly offend anyone, but to focus on the amount of effort, manpower and money spent for nothing. That seems like burning up ammo when you have no threat or target. Kinda like shooting at nothing in particular.
Pretty sure you're wrong there. I'm a sophomore in college, and I was going split option. You assumed my 'schedule' was something trivial like getting my hair done? Well the old saying stands, when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me. you cetainly came off as an ass here. Thank you for the apology.
No, I'm not wrong. You "ASSumed" that I was wrong. You apparently don't even know what program you're looking at participating in. There are two different programs. I may be old, but I know what I'm talking about when it comes to the US Army and the programs or schools out there. I've been around the Army for 30 years. Read the difference in the programs, and learn a little from an old soldier:

Split-Option Enlistment
A second and very popular option for high school juniors is the Split Option Enlistment. As a junior in high school, you can enlist in the Army National Guard and not interrupt your high school education. You start by attending basic training the summer after your junior year. You will return home in time for school to begin your senior year in the fall. When you return, you will train one weekend per month with your local Army National Guard unit. The summer following your high school graduation, you will attend advanced individual training in the specialty you chose when you enlisted. In most cases, you will return in time to start college in the fall. If you are at least 17 years old, you can take advantage of the split option enlistment program.

College First
The Army National Guard College First program is a new enlistment option, which makes it possible to achieve your college goals while serving. This enlistment option provides qualified high school graduates and graduating seniors, with no prior military service, the opportunity to complete up to two years of full-time schooling, with no federal mobilization/deployment, while serving part-time in the Army National Guard.
Similar programs. But when you talk about apples and oranges, they are different in alot of ways. It doesn't matter any more, young'un. I could sit here and explain things to you until Hell freezes over. You would still not comprehend the differences or care. There is a whole lot about the Army that you won't understand until you've been there. I'll mark this up to your ignorance of the overall. I don't wish to continue back and forth, it seems so fruitless to continue.
Sorry I assumed you were in high school...from what I know, the split option was only available to high school juniors. BCT during summer before senior year, then AIT after graduating.

When I called the recruiter today, he said that it was not an option if you were in college already because an incentive of being in the Army was a college education.

It may be a different case in your state...I called a recruiter in the California Army National Guard.

I am sure that you can go to basic one summer and AIT another, but there is probably another set of rules for it.

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