Getting out early on Chp 8, need some help

I am about to get chaptered out on family care plan but i have some questions.
-- First, I am flagged for PT, but on temp profile therefore can not take a PT test. If i get out flagged, will i still get the severence pay/separation pay or is it less?
-- Second, how soon can I start looking and applying for a job?
-- Third, the reg states that i can be out in 30 days for FCP, but do I still get to use my terminal leave or do i have to sell it back?
-- Fourth, do I still have to go through the Soldier for Life (formerly ACAP) process or that no longer applies to me?
Any advice will be appreciated!
SGT Tater Tot
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It looks like that you need a current passed PT test to receive severance pay. Although it may be different since you are getting out on FCP. I would check with finance to be sure.

As far as I know, if you know when you are getting out, you can start looking for a job, just so long as they know when you will be out of the military.

Since you are being chaptered, you are not authorized terminal leave. I suggest taking your leave now because once your discharge date is set, there is no leave after that.

Everyone getting out the military should go through ACAP. It is a great help for those transitioning to civilian life.

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