I've herd that I could get aproximately 10 days of PTDY for relocation when I ETS on top of Terminal Leave.

I've seen some websites say that you CAN and others that say you CANNOT, that its reserved for Involuntary Separation and retireing people.

Any advice or personal experiences? Thank you for your time and have a nice day.
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Transition permissive temporary duty
References: AR 600-8-10

Transition PTDY is an "authorization" or “privilege” and not an "entitlement".? Normally the approval authority is a commander in the rank of LTC or above.? This authority maybe further delegated to Company Commanders and other Leave approving Authorities.? Commanders have the authority to recall Soldiers who have departed on PTDY; however, Soldiers may be recalled only for reasons such as investigations, UMCJ or when Stop Loss/Move has been declared.
The purpose of transition PTDY is to facilitate transition into civilian life for house and job hunting for Soldiers being separated by various reasons.?

It is a nonchargeable leave for eligible and authorized Soldiers:

Officers who are being separated because of failure for promotion and must leave active duty.
Enlisted at Retention Control Point (RCP).
Enlisted being separated on Qualitative Management Program (QMP).
Officers and Enlisted being separated on Medical Disability Separation rated at less than 30%.
Officers and Enlisted being separated on VSI (Voluntary Separation Incentive Program) or SSB (Special Separation Benefit Program)
Officers and Enlisted with an approved voluntary retirement.

The Following Soldiers are not eligible for any Transition PTDY:

Soldiers voluntary separating as a result of Expiration of Term of Service (ETS) or Expiration of Service Agreement (ESA).
Soldiers transitioning from the Army under conditions other than honorable.
Officers who resign their commission, except VSI/SSB.
Soldiers with approved voluntary separation under the Voluntary Early Release Program (VERP) or Enlisted Voluntary Early Transition (VET) program.

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