Getting royally scr**ed out of SRB

Forgive my ignorance in this but I am not sure if I am missing a regulation or something but this a seriously messed up situation.

A month ago I started my reenlistment process. I spoke to rentention and completed my packet and turned it in. The commander did not make any decision on it either approved or denied for 3 weeks. I am not really sure what is going on but the Master Sgt Retention NCOIC said she believes the commander is trying to prevent me from reenlisting while down range and recieving the SRB bonus. I am redeploying very soon so she will probably get her wish.

I was told a few days ago that the Retention NCOIC filed a complaint against the commander for "sitting on my packet."

IAW AR 601-280 para 11-16 "Commanders have several options in recommendations for further service and will check the appropriate block in Item 8. Such action should be completed within 7 days of receipt of the DA Form 3340-R from the soldier."

After the complaint was filed for obviously breaking regs the commander immediately pushed my packet up to the LT COL. Although from what I have been told she has still not even checked a box but just simply pushed it up to the LT Col which makes even less sense to me. It has been another 5 days that as it was worded before, that now the Lt Col is just "sitting on the packet" too.

I have been advised by the retention NCOIC that if the packet is not returned in time for me to reenlist before going home that I need to file a complaint against BOTH my Company Commander AND the LT COL and that she will forward me emails between the commander and herself to support my claim to show there is a personal vendetta. I had no idea there was any professional issues let alone a personal one. So right about now I really wish I knew what was in the emails or what was going on in general BUT I have a feeling that wont happen anytime soon.

As far as the reg the commander violated goes, does the same apply when it is moved up to the Lt Col or does he get longer than 7 days?

Also as a general question, what exactly happens after I file the complaint against the two if need be? I am a CPL and filing complaints against a Cpt and a Lt Col really sounds like something that will come back and bite me in the a** HARD!

Other than the reg above does anyone know of any other that would apply in this situation or help end this mess finally?

Also just to add for clarification, there is nothing to justify placing a bar of reenlistment on me either. It hasnt been done but other than failing one pt test right after 3 weeks of block leave I have a spotless record so that hopefully wont be an additional issue to deal with.

I am very sorry for the long post and what is probably rambling but this to me is kind of a big deal. I need any advice possible. Thanks to all.
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