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I have a situation that is somewhat complicated and I could not find a clear cut answer of any kind. Have been discharged in 2004, so no Post 9/11 GI BILL available. Once I was discharged due to a service connected disability I applied for the VA Vocational Rehabilitation, and used about 40 months of the Voc Rehab. I was not aware, and was never told that by using the Voc Rehab one would be using up the GI BILL education entitlements as well (seems a non-sense and very unfair). As of now I have used almost 48months of entitlements (about 4 days left).

After having exited the Voc Rehba, I started using the Mont. GI BILL for a while since I was told that one would need to exhaust the GI BILL to be eligible and to maximize his/her 9/11 GI BILL benefits, and that once that was done one would have 12 months extra of 9/11 GIBILL (despite the established overall limit of 48 months). I contacted VA's different departments and they tell me that since I have used up almost 48 months, in case I apply for the 9/11 GIBILL I would only be entitle for the remaining of my benefits (in other words, 4 days); but then they tell me I should apply to see if they would grant me the 12 months of 9/11 or not.

I know for a fact that the Voc. Rehab can provide benefits way in excess of 48 months (some have used for a bachelor, med school, and beyond), but that is Voc. Rehab. GI BILL is a different story, and it is not clear what would the best approach for a favorable chain of events and outcome. Should I apply for 9/11 once I completely exhaust the Mont. GI BILL (only 4 days left, thus with 48 months used), and then expect to have more 12 months of 9/11 GI BILL once I apply for it; or should I simply apply for the 9/11 GI BILL before completely exhausting the Mont GI BILL, and then subsequently apply for Voc. Rehab in order to have more benefits and an initial higher allowance?

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