Girlfriend just told me She is prego,

It was thanksgiving, I left fort drum and headed out to my girlfriends house for thanks giving dinner, 2 hour trip one way, everything was going great, until I was just about ready to leave back to base. when my girlfriend pulls me behind closed doors. Telling me that she is prego we are not sure when but after a little thinking we think it is about 2 weeks since the event. now I am sitting here at drum clueless IDK what to do first. we are having my girlfriend go to one of those free clinics to try and figure out the time and date, but I can't find any info on what to do next, I am scared. and I don't know where to turn. please help if you have any ideas.
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First, congrats. Not sure what exactly you're looking for. First, realize that because she is still only your GF, she (and the baby) will not be covered by TRICARE so everything will be out of pocket or her health insurance if she has it. Once the baby is born, you can enroll it in DEERS and then TRICARE but it will still only cover the baby. Other then that, I would suggest you start stocking up on diapers and such (can never have to many diapers). One other thing. I have no doubt you love your girlfriend and trust her completely but just watch your back. You wouldn't be the first person who's girlfriend got knocked up by someone else and then tries to pass it off on the Soldier to get married or medical care or whatever. Not saying this is the case by any means, just saying to watch your back. Best of luck to you and if you have a specific question, feel free to ask.

Maybe. 2 weeks is really early to know 100% for sure. Just calm down, take it easy. If you're stressing out you can call military one source (google it) to get some support or ideas.

Like Chief Pyro says, start saving your money! Kids are expensive. And maybe consider a paternity test later along.
ok, that is vary good advice, I will have to look into the deers program, I'll google everything about it. Than you for your time, I have to admit this has calmed me down a little, Thank you you guy fron Signal and chief Pyro. later down the road if you think of anything else give me a heads up. once again because the more you know the better you are off I believe
What you have provided is a bit vague, but here are some questions that you may want to answer either to us or at least to yourself.

1. Is it yours?

2. Are you sure?

3. If it is, what are your legal responsibilities? (seek advice from your chain and JAG)

4. Whether it is or not, what are your personal responsibilities to both the girl and the child?

5. What is the condition of your relationship with this girl? Think long and hard about this. Pregnancy is not a good reason to get married, but it is a good reason to reschedule a marriage. Also consider what it would mean if you do marry, and the child is not yours biologically.

6. What are your current financial obligations, and can they be scaled back? Last time I was assigned to a major installation, there were budgeting classes available regularly; I assume that is pretty typical.

7. Are their any genetic conditions in your family (downs, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell, etc.)?

Other advice:
Army leaders have seen plenty of troops get into bad situations with conditions similar to yours. While what they say can be offensive to both you and your girlfriend, keep in mind that they are looking out for your welfare. Seriously consider advice before rejecting it. This goes for those in your unit, and random folks online.

Your girlfriend will have a difficult time with this, no matter what decisions are made. Research the subject so you will at least have some expectation of what is coming. If you can get some relationship counseling, do so.

Things that are expensive:
1. Medical care
2. Kids
3. Marriage (not to be confused with weddings, which can be rather reasonable. I've been wed twice each costing less than $50)
4. Divorce
5. Child support

If she is offended by the suggestion of a paternity test, tell her it's an Army requirement. The Army is a great scape goat (e.g. can't visit the in-laws this weekend, my pass was revoked).

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