Got injure 2 month before retirement can I medical extend????

Hello everyone this is the deal. Currently in WTU @FT Campbell, KY. I was return to duty from a MEB
2 months before I reached my ORIGINAL Retention Control Points (30 APRIL 2013) of 26 yrs as a E-7. I was given a 2 month ext by DA which changed my Retention Control Points to (30 June 2013.) Well last week I fell down the stairs due to a previous knee injure and torn my Achille Tendon on my right leg. Just had surgery to repair the leg.The Orthopedic Dr. gave me a 6 month profile for me to recover which ends (Sept 24, 2013).

But my chain of command wont allow another medical ext because I already got extended once pass my Retention Control Points date.

They mention the VA will pick up my physical therapy treatment, which that may be true but they wont pick up the treatment right away after my last day in the Army is 30 June 2013, there maybe several months of gaps before the VA pick up the therapy. I cant afford any gap during my physical therapy.

Is there a way to get another Medical ext due to my injuries? Any advice will be appreciated
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Not sure about the extension since too many rules have changed since I retired, but if you enroll in Tricare, they will continue your therapy. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea 1 month before I retired and am still being seen by the same on-post specialist (Doctor) 6 months later.
Personally, I do not think you would be afforded an extension and you can continue on with your medical treatment at the VA. Why would the Army continue to pay you a salary in your condition when you are eligible for retirement and reached your RCP?

But hey, you should have a nice easy retirement with your retired pay and a nice disability rating (so you should receive another check) that affords you the opportunity to never work again.

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