Got my options for PCS (reenlisting)

1) Ft Meade
2) Korea
3) Ft Bliss
4) Scott AFB, Il
5) Germany (Both Group and Non Group)
6) FT Huachuca

I'm pretty much deciding on Meade or Scott AFB. From my little bit of Google research, Scott AFB is the #1 base for Airmen(not sure about Army though). Meade would be good because I am Intel and I could probably have a decent job lined up for when I got out. Was just looking for opinions on these places. Thanks.
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Personally, I'd go to Germany. It's a great country, you get to travel and experience so many different cultures and you get paid A LOT more overseas with BAH and COLA. IMO, Germany is the best of the 6. EVERYONE I've ever met in the army these past 11 years either loves Germany or wants to find a way to get back there. Korea is awesome if you get stationed in Yongsan(Seoul, if it's anywhere else, it's not that great since it may be in the countryside and there is a big language barrier. Good luck with your decision.
I was going to say Germany too but I do not know if the OP was already stationed there and now looking to position himself for retirement/ETS.

OHA is the term for overseas housing allowance compared to BAH and when I was in Germany, I was forced to live on-post. Now, I am in Korea and living off-post, so the COLA and OHA is good.

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