Got Selected for reclass to 37F... Questions????

OK, I got selected to re-class to 37F with TDY to Airborne then PCS to Bragg in March 2009. Did this with a voluntary reclass; IE: no re-up or BEAR. Couple Questions...
1. My Family is coming with me, what will my days be like in POQC?
2. My Language is going to be FRENCH, what Battalion will I be going to? ( if you can tell me).

Boo to FRENCH by the WAY... Guess my DLAB wasnt all that great... Smiler
3. Anything I can do to prepare for POQC/Airborne?
4. Am I going to be permanently stationed @ Bragg?

Thanks to all who reply, I appreciate your help.

Oh yeah, since i didnt re-up or do the BEAR Program for this, After my schooling and Language training, do I get extended? I dont think so but I really dont know...

Thanks again
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I finished my class this fall so I've got answers for ya.

1. Your days in SWTG will suck. SWTG sucks. Big Grin In all honesty though, you are going to have a lot of free time while awaiting to attend class. Then you'll start the first part which is going to be short, then you'll have a couple months of language before you start the rest of the classes. Alltogether, expect to be in classes for almost a year before getting to the 4th POG. While in language you'll have either days or nights.

2. French can put you just about anywhere, and that's what happened to a lot of french speakers....but expect to go to Africa.

3. Physically the course isn't hard. The hardest part is trying to stay awake. Anything you learn in the course is just going to be a base for what you really do once you get to the unit. Things are done completely different at the unit.

4. No, despite what many people will tell you, there are positions available all over the place for 37Fs to go...most are for E6 and up though.
SWTG does suck. I loved it, but hated it at sametime. The whole training schedule has changed since I was there, but one thing to know - your language could change before you graduate from the course - there was someone in my language class that scored really low on their DLAB and ended up in my language class which required a high score - so be prepared for that. The training is what you make of it. It will be better for you as a Reclass to an extent, but they will still treat you like a private at times. So be prepared for that. There is a couple of FTX's but they aren't too bad. Good luck! You will love POG.
On a side note your family is going to go through a huge adjustment living in Fayetteville. I highly suggest your wife get involved with some local organizations, because its the only way she will keep from going entirely crazy. I just left Ft Bragg for my second time there and this time I myself got involved in outside organizations and some of my closest friends were military spouses.
If you need anything or your wife has any questions feel free to contact me

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