Green to Gold 4 Yr Scholarship

I see all the posts on here all tracking those who are ADO. I was wondering is it as competitive for those who are going for the discharged route?

My stats:
4 year E-4, 2 Deployments, Purple Heart, 290PT, 114 GT, 2.7 HS GPA, Hockey Captain, and I extremely personal recommendations from my CO and BC.

I applied to Colorado State. I'm guessing the 12th-15th is when we will find out as well? Anyways just looking for the inside scoop on Scholarship option G2G.

All comments much appreciated I'm having an ulcer here!!!
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Yeah getting nerve wracking...

GPA: 3.7, ACT 28, PT 286, GT 121, Arcom V, arcom, CIB. Glowing reviews from CO, decent from Batt. commander. E4 with only 3 years in though....and one dependency waiver.

Really wanna know already!

(stationed at carson, cheap?)
As I read in most of the literature on this program that its not as competitive. From what I've been told there were 400 ish packets this year for ADO and the Scholarship Option. I would think that everyone applying should be good for acceptance unless you have something that stands in your way. ie.. waivers
SSG Turner,

My issue is I was told from the beginning I'd know no later then the end of June. I have spent close to $1000 dollars so far on school (enrollment, housing, plane tickets, orientation) which is nonrefundable now since its so close to Registration. I mean this really sucks for me, as we all know the Military is a 'time-hack' everything has a deadline. How this is considered acceptable is beyond me. Someone has failed at their job.
I understand completely. Whether it be that someone failed at their job or Cadet Command is swapped with about 600 applicant packets and getting out orders to the ADO cadets it still doesn't stand as a good reason to curse at the situation on a professional military forum. How much progress has that made you by doing that in this forum?

I see you already spent money on school. I haven't even registered for my classes and I'm an ADO selected candidate simply because I don't believe anything until the orders are in my hand. Hopefully you haven't counted your eggs before they've hatched. Good luck to you.

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