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Netcall to anyone who has applied for G2G ADO in '08... or have been accepted/not accepted in previous years.

Has anyone received word if they have been accepted to the program in ‘08? I'm very anxious to find out if I have been accepted. I know about the ROTC web site, "Army ROTC Scholarship Application Status System" but it doesn’t tell me anything I don’t already know. Does anyone know any other way to find out their status?

If you were accepted last year; what date did you find out you were accepted? When did the web site update? When did your COC receive word? When did you begin clearing your unit?

If you’re a SME (are already functioning in the ADO program) I would like to ask you some more questions pertaining to what actions I will take following my acceptance and how to better function in the program.

SME opinion request-

SFC in 8 yrs, S Drill Sergeant (Distinguished Honor Grad DSS), 3.5 GPA w/ AS, GT 123, 290+ APFT, MACP Level III, Rap Master, all NCOES Schools Commandant’s List to include MANCOC, 4 excellence blocks on both NCOERs submitted. Excellent recommendations on CC 104R. What are my chances?
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I found out right around this time last year... So you should know any day now really. And let me just say you are much more highly qualified than I or anyone else I know that was accepted last year so you should be fine.

Feel free to PM me with any specific questions you may have about the ADO program and ROTC life in general... I know it was a HUGE change for me and I only had 3 years in when I went ADO. Not all bad, but wish I had someone to give me some heads up before I got to campus.

Again, I am sure you will get in unless they decide for some reason they would rather keep you around as an NCO ;-) Good luck on this and don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.
Thanks for the insightful info.

What Exact date did you find out you were accepted? When did the web site update? When did your COC receive word, like JUN10 or JUN29 maybe? When did you begin clearing your unit, immediately or did you have to wait for official orders; if so when did you receive those i.e. what date?
With the qualifications that you listed, I don't see why you should not be selected. I found out about my acceptance by checking the status of my application at the following link:
[URL= ] [/URL]

Its going to ask you for some personal information and than it will let you know your status.

I hope this helps you out, good luck!

I am unsure exactly what date I got the news... They will hold the board and then blast the info into the website... I was in Korea so the letter to my command took a while... Also my outprocessing process was obviously a little different for that reason as well.

I do know that I had to have my basically my report date couldn't be too much in front of the start of classes although I don't remember exactly what the guidance was. I do remember that I was accepted conditionally and that I and most everyone else I know that made it through has to go do more Medical stuff. Also I remember getting a letter in the mail that I had to sign to accept the offer. I think there were pretty detailed instructions included in there on exactly what had to be done to outprocess and such. Just be patient battle, it will come.
I also am applicant for G2G ADO for Fall 2008.
My packet was in March 1st, got stupid remedials from the DODMERB. Got all those finalized as of April 15th. And I am also waiting on getting the info back. My ROTC unit told me chances are end of June. I check the Applicatin status every day and it never changes hahaha.

and 19k4x2b I say you pretty good..
I am setting E5p at 4.5 years, 3.8GPA, 124 GT, 300 APTF, NCOES school not commandant, 4 excellence blocks on both submitted NCOERs, Excellent Recommendations, and my CG recommendation.

The ROTC instructors it is in the bag, of course I am nervous because if not I be in the desert again, which I don't mind but just one of things you want to know if it going happen or not. So I say you and I have this one in bag.. Every other person from my division that put in their packet had nothing on me or you. So if that is a tell tell.. Well Good Luck..
SGT Weezie
I heard, from a semi-reliable source, the candidates for this program often get the results on or close to the 10th of June . Then the units are advised of the candidate’s acceptance NLT 30 June. If this is the case, we should have confirmation ... dare I say it; today or close to it. I'm on edge.
SFC Tank PSG, acting as a Senior DS Smiler
I sure hope you are right and you, the E6 type lab guy aka 68k, and my self get picked up and spend the next two years undeployable earning are butter bar.. You know what though I might cry the day I take my good old stripes off....
Good luck and hope we hear soon, I got pcs orders for 01 August to a unit deploys exactly a month after my dwell time haha they GOt me Smiler
Not saying this is 100% sure
But was told by my old CO,
Now a MAJ that has some friends at Cadet Command (even if they are tight lipped pricks and wouldn't drop names)
Friday, june 13th is gonna be the release day for By name list...
Don't quote me this is second hand news.. But just keep fingers Crossed..
Read his email right after I posted last message haha
You’re the man dude! Wait... the results are published on Friday the 13th. Are you sure he isn't messing with you. At any rate I hope they do come out soon. I think I have at least two ulcers and my hair has begun to fall out in anticipation! If you get any other info post haste!
Mine says the same thing.. but look it should say "You have been selected to participate in the ARMY ROTC Green to Gold Active Duty Option program"

Yesterday mine said you are eligibale to participate today it says that I have been selected.

It still says I need to reenlist or extend also. You will likely need to do this in the next few weeks. As I understand it we will be getting more information and directions in the mail on what it is that we need to do.

I am frontloading some of the paperwork that I already know that needs to be done. ie... clearing my down range unit and clearing my home unit in the rear in anticipation of a PCS move.
I Quote
My Social, then Full name
"You have been selected to participate in the Army ROTC Green to Gold Active Duty Option Program"

But I also re-upped 01 jan 06 for 6 years so I no requirements on extending and such.
Hope it updates, and such. But it says that, I would say that is the only thing you have to do and your in. Just my thoughts.
Even if you are outside of your window be sure to reenlist... this will help mission for your unit. On a technicality since it is to meet school requirments you will be able to reenlist and not just have to do an extension.

However, if you are within 24 months of ETS you don't have a choice you have to do a reenlistment.

Don't do an extension as it won't help out the unit that just supported you getting into the program.

Support your Career Counselor and Reenlist.

My ETS is 28 OCT 2010 my MOS is apparent. I must have 48 months retainability from AUG '08. My window dosen't open until OCT but I have to clear this up now.
I was under the impression that if a Soldier is outside of his reup window his only option was extention. T or F?
What are all of my options? What do you suggest?
19K4x2b sorry about the slow response... Iraq time runs a bit slower over

Ok so as per AR 601-280 here is what you have

3–6. Qualification of a soldier for discharge
b. A soldier may be discharged for immediate reenlistment at any point prior to 24 months before ETS when the
soldier incurs a service remaining requirement imposed by HQDA that cannot be met on the current enlistment or
enlistment as extended. Soldiers must be advised of the benefits or disadvantages of electing an extension of the
enlistment instead of discharge and immediate reenlistment. The new period of reenlistment must not expire eariler than the previous ETS.

Army Reenlistment we are subject to your comments as well.
if you look back on page one of this thread, there is a link to a site. is everyone going for the active duty opt or the scholarship... just wondering and what does everyones packet look like. i have a 2.78 gpa, a 250 pt, really strong ncoers, commadants list at ncoes. just wondering if this is going to be good enough.
SGT Diesel, will do i am sure if you monitor this thread through out you should gain a lot of valuable insight, that is what i did and i also contacted cadet command directly and they are more than willing to help you through the process to let you know exactly what you need. also if you get on cadet commands website it has a lot of valuable info as well.

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