GTC PCS Program

If you have a Government Travel Charge Card, El Jefe is correct, get with the card manager prior to departure from your losing unit. They will need to enter on and off dates for your card in their system. Make sure you have a copy of your orders and leave form with you when you contact them so they can verify the dates when you will be on Official Government Travel (PCS, TDY, etc...). Usually they put the "off" date around 30 days after your scheduled arrival date at the next unit.

Getting Official Travel expenses reimbursed when you use the card should be no problem. As usual, save your receipts, but depending on what your orders state, you may or may not be authorized to use your card (IBA) for airfare and be reimbursed, or you may be required to use a generic Government account (Army provides a ticket at no cost to you "CBA"). If you are supposed to use the "CBA" but buy your own ticket anyway, reimbursement may be an issue.

After your travel, or every 30 days depending on TDY enroute time, you will submit a voucher for settlement. When you submit your travel voucher, remember to mark the "split disbursement" box on the top of your DD 1351-2 and enter any amount of your travel settlement you want to go towards the card balance.

Confirm your travel plans with your local finance outprocessing personnel, travel office, and the card manager before "assuming" that common sense rules all aspects of the Army.
Found this, and in my experience, if your Travel Card people have never been asked about this, you might wanna hand them this if they look at you like you are crazy....

PCS program guidance

And it is in the DoDFMR (Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation) Volume 9 Ch. 3, and states:

The Department of Defense (DoD) policy is that the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) will be used by all DoD personnel to pay for all costs related to official Government travel. Official government travel is defined as travel under competent orders while performing duties pertaining to official government assignments such as temporary duty (TDY) and permanent change of station (PCS) (where applicable).

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