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I was in the Army Nat. Guard for 2 years and 11 months, got a conditional release in December of 2011, then joined the Army Reserves this march. By now I have been in the service for a little over 3 years. When I joined the Reserves, they said I would get a prior service enlistment bonus. Now I am looking at a possible hight weight / pt failure discharge (messed up my knee civilian side, let myself go a bit while I was recovering).

I read in AR 601-280 Sec 2, Paragraph 5 that they will recoup a percentage of the bonus equal to the years left unfufilled in my service obligation. Since I have been in a total of 3 years, is that half, or do they only count my time in the Reserves and not the guard?

When I "Re-enlisted" for a 6-year term, the career counselor told me that after 3 years my initial service obligation would be complete (due to this being a conditional release from the Guard to the Reserves and not an acutal re-enlistment) and that I could go IRR for the last three years.

Any imput from more educated / experienced sources?

Thank you.
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Your Prior Service bonus (PSEB) would be for Army Reserve service. If you are discharged next month, you would be entitled to keep ~5.5% (4/72) of the total bonus amount (this is a rough estimate only). Be advised they can recoup the pre-taxed amount, and you would need to settle the difference with the applicable revenue services.

Every soldier incurs a 8 year obligation. If you are conditionally released, a USAR PSEB must complete that obligation in whole years (which is why you did 6). A prior service enlistment is not a reenlistment, please avoid that term to avoid confusion. This 6 year obligation is for TPU; transfer to the IRR is not authorized without command approval. It does not work like a typical 6x2 contract. Your guard contract is now irrelevant as it has been superseded by your USAR contract.

Other source for your bonus questions would be your bonus addendum, the SRIP at the time of enlistment, and AR 135-7.
Thank you very much. That is exactly the clarification I needed.

If I am discharged, how will the Army go about re-couping the bonus that has been paid out at this point?

I've heard everything from a monthly installment payment plan, to taking tax returns until paid off, to charging my bank account the amount immedeatly, regardless if I have enough to cover it (ie., racking up an overcharge)

Thank you again.

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