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I am currently stationed in Korea. when giving my orders it showed that my HAAP was Fort Hood. Also that i could move my Family at any time. I am about half way threw my Korea tour and they changed my HAAP to Fort Lewis. Going threw S1 i requested my order early so i can get my family on the waiting list and move them. I did manage to get on the housing list. However, now they are keeping us on the bottom of the list until my report date. Is there a way around this or some thing i can do so that my family can move now rather then 6 months from now?
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Ensure your DA31 is submitted to your S-1 with your leave. What will happen is you will PCS get your travel and proceed days, plus the leave you are taking in conjuction with your orders.
Once you clear and final out from Korea, call the housing office and fax/scan your signed DA31. This will change your priority at your gaining unit. Once you arrive at your new station, go TDY for your house hunting.

I am facing a situation with orders to Korea, I am authorized to move my family to my HAAP assignment, but theres no guarantee that it will remain the same. So my family is staying at my loosing base, then we will just PCS from there. Its nice to try and get everything setup for a easier transition, but sometimes you just gotta roll with it.

Just make sure you keep in touch with your gaining housing since they have all of the paperwork needed. I recieved a email from my HAAP assignment letting me know of updated paperwork and shot requirements for that base. same with animal registration.
One thing is for sure, HAAP is not guarantee!!! So, if i were you i would not move family there until you have your PCS orders. I don't even know how you manage to get on the waiting list without your orders...they usually don't do that. Baside, i don't think they can move in to housing, until you sign in on post. Anyway, the fact that you were on unaccompanied tour to Korea it will move you on the list. They will backdate your spot on the list with the date you actually PCS TO Korea, so you should be somewhere on the top of the list. That's how they did to me when i left Korea to CA, so i actually didn't even called them to put me on the list because i would have had the same date. I just went to housing at my new duty station (with the orders that sent me to Korea), and i got a house in 2 weeks (because they had to clean it before i could move in).

So, first thing first, you need to get your orders, and you can't get that until you are on assigment. HAAP doesn't mean that you are on assigment, it has to say on your ASK, and your ERB as projected.
Thats all true. i got my orders now but i dont report until dec. its looking like the only thing i can do is move her to an apt until i get my DA 31. They changed my HAAP with out telling me so be ready for them to do that to you as well. Thanks for the feed back.
I was one of the lucky ones that got their HAAP as the next duty station. Probably because i got that put in my orders, since i reenlisted to go to Korea.

Even if you get your DA31, you family can't move in housing without you been there, you have to sign in on post in order to do that. Or, if you have PTDY you need to have housing sign your DA31, and then you can move in housing if they have something available for you right away.

If you don't mind me asking, why do you want to move your family now? If you didn't do it before you left to Korea, why not wait until you are coming back from Korea? Isn't easier for them if you are there to help them move? Just asking...
I Dont mind at all. My wifes mom was going threw a devorce so she stayed to help her mom with it and let her move in with her. she had planned to move to Fort hood after her mom got set up and stable. My family is in TX so she would not have been alone. However my orders got changed just before she moved now we are stuck with the moving issues as my new orders dont read the same. I would rather she waited so i could help and make thing easier but her mom is now driving her carzy and the closes base to her is at least an hour away. moving now will let her get to know the area and she really wants to start decorating the new house. lol women for you. Also being able to use the facilities on post.
Ok got it...women...when they want something they want it NOW, hehehe (in know i am one of them, lol). Well, you could tell her mom to hold her horses...for a litlle longer, lol. You are half away through your assignment, so pretty soon you will be there with them. I understand that your spouse wants to go ahead and have everything ready for you before you get home, is nothing wrong with that. The only problem is, like i said before, she might not be able to do so...unless you want to stay off post, then all she has to do is go ahead and move. As fas as your HHG, you will need your papers done in Korea at transportation office, and then with those papers, your spouse can go to the nearest post in the states, to arrange a pick up date.

Now, you said that you have about 6 months left out of your tour, right? If i were you, i would wait a few more months before i would have my family move...your orders can change again, and then you are screwed, because you will have to move them again, and probably at your own expenses. Think about it...

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