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Hello there! First time posting, so I'll tell you all a little about myself. I'm 22 years old and have always wanted to join the army. I'm generally healthy (haven't been to the hospital in 10 years) and my recruiter says that when I join the army I'll be an E3.

I'm scheduled to head to MEPS next Thursday, and I'm already a bit nervous. I was wondering about a few specific things, but any additional advice would be welcome.

I don't have abnormally high blood pressure, but the last time I donated blood mine was slightly high. They had me wait a few minutes and tried again (I had to gather my nerves a bit) and I passed. I'm just worried that should my blood pressure be a bit high that they wouldn't give me another shot. Any info or tips on how to keep it down?

I haven't been to the dentist and don't know the state of my teeth. I've had less than stellar dental hygeine until about six months ago. They don't hurt and they work just fine for me, but if (God forbid) I have a few cavities, could I be disqualified?

Are the folks at MEPS more likely to pass someone who is going to be an E3 or E4 over someone who is an E1 or E2? I'm not looking for preferential treatment, just wondering what to expect.

Also, my recruiter said nothing about it to me, but I overheard him talking to a different prospect. He said that it's really hard to join the army now and they try to disqualify as many people as they can now because enlistment is up. I don't know if he was saying that to disuade this guy or what (the prospect said he had been in prison before), but it made me worry about my chances of getting in. How eager are the MEPS guys to disqualify prospective enlistees?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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1.) Generally, if your blood pressure is high, they will wait a bit and give you another test. If it's over their standard again, they will temp disqualify you until you can show proof that your blood pressure is normal from a PA/DR note, generally showing 3 readings, all of which should be below the high mark.

2.) A few cavities will not affect your enlistment. If you're missing most of your teeth from rot, or have severe cases of gingivitis, then that can disqualify you.

3.) No, you will get no preferential treatment. The medical side has no idea what rank you are, nor do they care.

4.) The medical personnel have a standard to uphold. They will not DQ you for just any reason, but if they find something that IS a DQ, then you either will be DQ'd or require a waiver to enlist.

It's not that the Army is getting hard to join -- it's the fact that many jobs are not available, which may make an applicant run away when they see only 1-3 jobs available.

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