Having trouble finding an MOS.

Hi everyone, I'm currently 18 and enlisted into the Reserves as a split-op at 17. I completed BCT but have decided to go Active, because I want to make it a career. I've already done all the paperwork and I'm just awaiting approval. (It's already been recommended for approval by my S1 and part of my Chain of Command).

I'm Non-glossary prior service since I was never MOS Q'd, which means I can pick anything my ASVAB will permit (77AFQT, so many jobs).

I'm looking for something with field work and some combat but also some office-style work. It seems to be a hard to find combination. I'd like to attend as many Army schools as possible, such as Airborne, etc.

I like the idea of 12B (Combat Engineer) except that there's no desk work at all involved. 19D (Cav Scout) seems fun but has the same issue and seems to be extremely physical. 15W (UAV Operator) seems fun except that it seems to be exclusively desk related, with little to no fieldwork, and no time outside the wire on deployments. Many of the Aviation jobs sound fun except that schooling would be hard to come by (Airborne, SDM, etc.)

Essentially I'm looking for a well rounded MOS with a bit of everything. Any help or input is greatly appreciated!
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DON'T try for deskwork or it will be ALL you do!!!!

ANY MOS once you get up in the ranks will involve deskwork. Maybe not at start but as you start to become a "manager" (a Non-commissioned Officer), you will!!

Pick something which interests you. ALSO look for something which will train you in something you could do AFTER the Army. Combat arms sounds fun but is very physically demanding and doesn't pay as much as the NFL. But you Could be just as beat up in the end. (those guys retire before 40yrs old?)

I don't know that you can pick ANY job, but ask at MEPS what's open. Don't just settle on one or two.
I went Signal because I asked for "big bonus and high tech". If there is a bonus offered it means not anyone can do it- and generally people do it, get skills, then leave the Army fairly quickly.

You can work on electronics systems, you can repair vehicles or helicopters,
-truck driver and cook and mechanics work long long hours,
-there are JAG (legal assistants)
-MUSIC (you can get paid to play in the band! but you have to already know how to play and audition)
-medical assistant jobs (NOT just combat medic!)
-all kinds of other jobs...
You never know, just ask!
Originally I signed up to be a 74D (Chemical Ops Specialist), mainly because the unit I'm with had no other openings and I was a non-citizen, which limited my choices anyhow.

I'm not really planning on leaving the Army any time soon. I'd like to make it a career not just a short experience where I get one set of skills.

I don't play any instruments and JAG seems way too much paperwork.

A partial problem seems to be that going from Combat Arms to "Desk and support" jobs is easier than the other way around? Is this correct?
Originally posted by BigMac457:
A partial problem seems to be that going from Combat Arms to "Desk and support" jobs is easier than the other way around? Is this correct?

Not really. But if you get an MOS which is "understrength" they won't want to "release" you to go get a different MOS.
I was a non-citizen

Can I assume that you are now a citizen? That will also play a part in what MOS's will be available to you.

And like Autobahn said, you won't be able to just "pick" whatever MOS you want per se. You will be able to pick, but only from what MEPS can pull up for you. The system they use will only show jobs that have open training slots available. They can often times work a little bit of magic and get you exactly what you want. But keep in mind that they can only do so much.

Go for what you want, but keep an open mind. I've seen people set on a certain job and come back with a complete different job and they are super excited about it. You may have over looked a MOS because the title just seems weird or boring.

And as WiseChief pointed out, 31B - Military Police does do quite a bit of field and desk work. I've worked with 3 MP's in the Recruiting office, all of them have worked the roads and investigations as well as the desk work that comes along.
Thanks for the information! There's many great MOS's I just want to make sure I have one I'll enjoy. Yes I'm now a citizen.

If I was to do 4 years as say a 12B or 19D and then on my re-enlistment request a re-class to say a CMF 15 MOS such as 15W, provided my job isn't understrength and the requested MOS isn't overstrength, would it be likely to be granted this request? Would I have to be below E-5 to do so?
Originally posted by FIFTYCRUSHPLAN:
If you want to see the discipline and comaraderie part of the Army, then do not go with a 15 series MOS. I am in an Aviation Brigade right now and these Soldiers are the most undisciplined I have encountered. I would not take a single one of them to war with me.

I second this.

I spent 5 1/2 years in Aviation. Junior Enlisted Soldiers calling NCOs by first name, questioning orders, rank tends to mean very little, except when it comes to stupid details, etc. Junior NCOs suck-up to the Senior NCOs for cushy duties (or get out of them entirely), etc.

There is very little dsicipline in Aviation.


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