Im PCSing for the first time to Schofield Barracks. My unit is 325th bsb Echo Co. Im a 92A. At the risk of sounding like a complete cherry...what can anyone tell me about the unit? PT? Morale? Echo Company specifically? I would appreciate any positive and informative tidbits! Thanks
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You're going to an army installation. PT and all other soldier activities will be the same like every regular army unit around the world.

I was stationed at Tripler, 5 years. Big Grin

Dependent on your rank, you'll get to live off post, there are some good areas to live in, some areas that are not so good and some areas that if you even venture into the neighborhood, you'll be given a dirty look because you're haole.

You'll enjoy it!
I've been here 6 years, I'm in 3-25 so you're going to be working right next to us. It's nice for the first couple months and after that it gets boring. It's very expensive to do anything around here. The Unit, we just got a new Chain of Command so you'll find out when you get here. Pt at 0630 to 0800, work call 0930 and we're normally of by 1700. Wendsdays are we work till 1500 and the first friday of the month is half day. SO is not to bad, but if you like the beach then you'll be happy.
Harley909 Thank you for that. It was probably the only helpful piece of information I recieved from the post. I love the beach and I think the sun will be a grand change from 40 below for the last 3 years Big Grin Double D, Youre a goof lol. Really guy? 68Rvet, Thank you for the run down about PT around the world. PT is not the same everywhere you go. Ground Units are more disciplined in thier PT regimen while Aviation does PT alot less in comparison. It depends on the company first, then your platoon/section. No one does PT the exact same as anyone else unless its a damn post run lol. Thats my experience though.

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