I have question that i need help with, I told my soldiers that they had to do a minimum of 10hrs of Correspondence courses and go on iperms and print out the hours every week so i can see there progress, I've shown them how to do the classes, well they've blown me off for 2 weeks. what should i do about it, I want to work them out but I don't know about this new standard can someone give me some suggestions
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The Army now frowns upon smoking soldiers, thin line on the brink of hazing. I suggest you counsle them and provide just punsihment like essays on disobeying a lawful order, and disrespect to NCO's. Negative counselings go against those waivers for promotions which they will want so once they see the big picture of what their loosing maybe they will come around. I don't know if you eat lunch at work but i would cut their lunch, as long as they are "afforded" the time to go to lunch they do not have to get their entire lunch. Make them do it on lunch, soldiers hate their time taken away.
I told my soldiers that they had to do a minimum of 10hrs of Correspondence courses

I commend you for setting the standard and helping them progress... however be careful on how you word the counselings. You cant MAKE them do these things, and many CoC's will let you know that off the bat. These things aren't madatory (even if I or you would like them to be) so you technically can't punish them for not doing something considered "elective".

However what you can do when they DONT do these things is counsel them on not meeting standards, and let them know that when it comes time for advancement they will not be recommended. This is the best motivator in my opinion.

I would not recommend any Soldeir for addvancement/promotion who cannont follow these simple instructions of bettering themselves. If you push that angle in the cousneling session (and on paper) and anyone above you (PSG or 1SG) wants to knwo why you dont recommend their advancement/promotion then you have it on paper that they cant do the most simple of things, i.e. follow proper direction.
I agree with 98C40-35N40 for the most part. You can't require them to do CC courses, and would have no legal ground to stand on should you choose to reccomend UCMJ, I would tread carefully. Personally if I had a Soldier that didn't want to take the neccessary steps to advance, I'd sit down and have talk, not a counseling session, just a face to face discussion on what their plans are, and if those plans don't include getting promoted or staying in the Army, then so be it. As long as they continue to Soldier and meet or exceed the Army standard, the ball is in their court as far as a career in the Army goes. There is an old mind set that every Soldier must act as if they will make the Army a career when simply put, that isn't always the case, and career Soldiers are becoming fewer and less frequent than in the past, especially with the draw down. That's just my take on it, I treat my Soldiers like adults, and allow them to make adult decisions about their future. Granted I understand the state of the economy and explain that the military route may be the better alternative considering the current situation in our country, but it's up to them how they want to start and end the military chapter of their lives.
What portion of the instruction did they blow off?

Do they have access to military computers and printers?

Have your soldiers completed the appropriate levels of SSD? (if not, why have you prioritized non-essential training?)

Have you allotted time during the duty day to complete these courses?

Have you helped them to develop a plan for completing the courses outside of duty hours?

Did you counsel the soldiers to identify the source of their non-compliance?

There's a lot more to leadership than just issuing orders.

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