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I am the primary caregiver of a child with both parents who were deployed to Afghanistan. I have had the baby since Easter and the parents will not return until Feb or March. My daughter sends just under 1,000 a month cause it is actually costing me from work and the daycare expense and so on. She is trying to get BAH refunded to her and they are telling her she will not get it.
Shouldnt there be BAH for the care of the child. I know another soldier whos mother is caring for her child and she gets BAH. I am confused, can someone guide me or give me some answers.
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They should both be getting BAH currently. One with dependents rate and one without. When we first went to war in 2001, there was the chance that the unit could stop the Soldiers BAH while they were deployed (assuming no dependants), but that changed pretty quickly so that even now a single Soldier who was collecting prior to deployment will continue to collect it during the deployment.
Strange situation, but there is more info needed before you can get a reasonable answer...
1. were they married before deployment?
2. recieving BAH before deployment?
3. first term (enlistment period before re-enlistment) in the Army?
4. Did they tell her why she would not get it?
5. Why is only your daughter sending you money?

I am not saying I can give an exact answer, but this should help us figure it out.

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