HELP! Changed address! URGENT!

So here's the basic situation. Decided to enlist. Filled out background check. Everything came back fine. No lies, no problems. BUT I live with my parents and we moved just before I went to MEPS to sign my DEP contract. I brought it up to my recruiter (who even met me in my new hometown) and he said to lie until AFTER I get through basic, then get it corrected. Is this the right path of action? And I'm supposed to ship to basic in about two months. Will it affect my ship date if I have my records updated now? Please help me out...Thanks.
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I would usually say "NEVER LIE IN THE ARMY."

Did you move to a different town or state?

If you're still in the same zipcode it won't really matter but would make a lot of extra hassle for the recruiter.

Shouldn't affect your shipdate at all to do the different address paperwork.
DO NOT LIE. The Recruiter could be relieved for even telling you to do so, though it'd be tough to prove he did. Fixing it after AIT would be admitting that you lied. Falsifying an Official Document is punishable under the UCMJ, though you're not likely to actually be caught or even punished if you were. The question is: Do you really want to start a military career with an integrity violation? I've never been a Recruiter so maybe a Recruiter out here could answer this question for me. If the change is made, does his Recruiter lose the credit when he ships since it's in a different town?

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