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I am 44 years old and served full time military, and then came back into the NG as a nco. I passed all my Pt's, wtc, and 25u mos school. I have a prior mos of ammunitions.

I need some help. I could not believe how the NG conducts business and caters to lazy 20 somethings. I have read threads on writing these ppl up and leading as a nco which I am trying. I just came in at a later stage and this unit sucked the heart right out of me with the way things run from the top down. Bekieve me coming in at my 40's I had to have alot of heart and out paced most of the guard kids in every run and school.

I am willing to do anything to either get out or go full time military.

I just didnt expect the military was like this now and seeing how this is probably my last big flash bang in my life I wanted it to matter more.

mail me if you can....NCO in the NG
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The Active component is OVER-STRENGTH, really the only way around it at your age would be to go JAG, AMEDD, or Chaplain coprs if you meet the unique qualifications for the positions.

Now depending on how much time you have in the National Guard already it can subtract from time for age limits on another branch. In particular the Coast Guard. They always take QUALITY troops like what you sound like as long as on your DD 214 the RE code is 1. Give them a try. They will expect you to gather all the documents, but it is the best uniformed branch of service.

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