My NCO Senior rater wants the Rater (me) to write a glowing NCOER for below average E-5's giving them the same high rating as the outstanding E-5s who have earned it. How should the Rater handle this?

I have my daily notes and counseling that prove where the below avg and standard NCOs stand... but he thinks it reflects on us as to how well we are doing our jobs... I disagree and fear I'll have an E6 who can't do the job if i follow his direction.

Should I sign my originals and if they are redone refuse to sign those? what recourse do I have? what ramifications can I face? Please help.
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I STRONGLY advise you to put what you honestly feel the soldier deserves. The worst thing you can do is put what someone else thinks should go on there. You are the soldiers supervisor so you should know what the soldier is deserving of. If your Senior rater does not approve of your write-up then there are steps you can take to ensure that your back is covered legally and your Senior rater will just have to deal with it. You can also go to your Chain of Command and inform them of what is going on.
Just rate them as they should be rated, the Sr rater has his own section, he can not tell you how/what to rate. If you are both NCO's and there is a problem, both the rater and SR rater should go see the 1SG. He is the guy to see to resolve enlisted matters.
GIJOE83, I think you already know the answer to your question. You know if you sign an altered NCOER then you are a party to it. so... i suggest..

you check your unit policy on NCOERS. there should be a booklet or something on-line at Division or corp level with bullet examples. Double check your evaluation of the NCOs. check the bullets and make sure your success bullets are indeed not excellence bullets.

secondly call the IG and ask questions about your situation. tell them that you dont want to ID yourself or your unit and you just want information. i promise you they will respect that. make notes.

submit your evaluations and stand by them. if you get presure make notes on dates and times and what was said. respecfully, inform him/her that you stand by your evaluation and why. if you still get presure, then repectfully inform him/her that you are going to inform the COC and possibly the IG if it continues. It will more than likely stop at that point... if not sooner.

Once you know you are right .. do the right thing ... and do it right. Hope that helps RFH
Thank you Gentlemen. I knew I was on the correct path and your words of wisdom and advise gave me the intestinal fortitude check I needed.

I have always done the right thing even when it was hard and unpopular and I am doing it again. I have checked and re-checked my bullets with bullets posted and from the book "The complete guide to the New NCO-ER" by MSG Wilson L. Walker, USRA retired.

I know I have been honest fair and justified in my ratings.
GIJOE83, good deal... follow up with us here and let us know how it goes. This situation can be very instructional for other junior NCOs.

Good luck RFH

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