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Alright, so my situation as of now is im a SSG drill sergeant in a DS unit with mos 11B. I was told that all promotions in my mos is shut off. Im eligible for my e-7 and my unit has a 7 slot open for me but I know ill need to reclass to get it. My unit has certain slots per fiscal year to send people to reclass for this situation, or if they ever choose to leave the unit they can go elsewhere as alot of our guys are combat arms coming off active duty with no other units eligible to go to. I looked at the available reclass quotas my brigade has as of now and just wanted to know if anyone had experiences in the mos's in the reserve side, because at some point I will probably leave my unit and go elsewhere just to switch things up. The mos doesnt matter to me, as I realize the units have to have quotas and I may drive farther, etc. I just want to get promoted but dont know if other mos are easier or harder to get a 7 slot in for the reserve side and I want to experience something outside of a DS unit. Im approaching this as if I were leaving my current unit to go to another unit thats specifically comprised of a certain mos. Anyways heres the list of MOS available to me and im eleigible to reclass into. 12B, 12C, 25B, 25L, 31B, 35F, 38B, 42A, 68E, 74D, 88M, 88N, 92F, 92M, 92W, 92Y. Just some basic info from those who are in these types of units (engineer, intel, commo, etc), and if the e-7 promotion is harder or easier, more or less in that specific mos. Im lookin at 35F and 68E but not quite sure yet, but im imagining promotions are slower in those mos's if its anything like the active duty side but being with an intel unit or medical unit would be nice and different, im open to anything.
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Looking at the vacancies in Louisiana, the picture is a bit different. There are no 35F or 68E E7 vacancies in your state. Not sure if they consolidate with other MOSs, but neither CMF shows skill level 4 vacancies either.

For advancement, 88M is a clear winner with the most E7 vacancies. These however are instructor slots, so there may be something else going on.

31B is a safe bet, and 91X (B or L at E6) would be quite transferable if you move. CMF 91 tends to be overstaffed most places I've witnessed; you may find stiff competition elsewhere.

92W should be less competitive so long as there is such a unit near you. They tend to be few and far between.
Thanks for the help, so 88m looks like the winner so far as far as getting promoted and I already have the "8" identifier so being that its an instructor slot wont be an issue and I imagine 92w to be apart of some sustainment support brigade. Ive never met a water treatment specialist and never thought I would consider reclassing into one honestly. I should have mentioned also that im willing to drive as far west as houston, TX and as far east into mississippi also. Do you see any better opportunities in either of the two as far as the originial mos's I stated previously?
Take a look at where you want to settle in when you would be in the Reserves. The type of units will drive a better choice at MOS with options. If you are in an area like MN/WI where there are many Engineer Companies it would be better to go 12B or if where you want to go has more Transport or ect. Quotas can be stolen if they go un-used starting inside the 60 days prior to the class start date depending on what branch holds them. Either way, 11B is not a good MOS for the Reserves, but on the national gaurd side for most states you would be fine.
some info on the following schools

74D- this is done (for me atleast) at Ft. leonardwood- i forgot exactly how long it was, but i want to say about 6 weeks or less. overall easy class. your in a Tradoc enviroment.. so plenty of DS runnign around thinking they are in charge of you and trying to get you to pull shift duty. again, easy course... no drinking allowed. Instructors keep everyone pretty much locked down as much as possible. it was possible to go off post to do things, but you get out of clas about 1800, and have a curfew of 2100 or 2200.. class was pretty much every day.. with a couple of half days, but not too many.

25B course-
i recently did this in Reno, NV. with the new POI, this is not an easy course. come prepared.. meaning, know how to subnet, know about networking, Lan/Wans, and anything and everything about computers. The instructors are great there, and you will learn alot.. but to give you an example.. you will need to learn a semesters with of Cisco CCNA within 10 days, then take a test thats administered by Cisco.

you will do this twice! and thats not including Security +, and other stuff.

course length is 2 months.. and i would highly recommend going to reno as opposed to any other location.

class normally was 0800 to 1700 ish. Monday through Sat. Sun was normally off for us, but it depends on if your class is lagging behind on the material or ahead.
your completly free after class.. plenty of Casinos, and resturants around. we snowboarded every Sunday. drinking is allowed, and living accomedations were hotel like with room service. you may have a room mate.

again, depending on your learning curve, this is not a easy class. i still had issues with this class and i have been in the IT field for many years with certifications. but we had guys with no experience learn the material and pass just fine... also again, the instructors are great there, and will do everything they can to help you.

if you want more info, shoot me a pm

to add on to CrazyWalsh...

I am in the Minnesta Nat. guard.

Our Infantry companies are spread out throughout the state, and i am sure they are always looking for quality NCO's.

Iirc, you wont find 11B in the reserves as they are mainly support, and do not have combat arms.. so if you want 11B, they its the Nasty Guards. Minnesota is very Pro-Military, so you will find support everywhere, and have a have a huge range of MOS's to choose from.. it just depends if there are slots for it.

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