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a little help would be appreciated. I am newly appointed team chief in a Natty Guard MP unit.

I was tasked by the xo to have comms for toc operations... this is proving to be hard, since my section has a lot of shortages, and they will not be filled anytime soon.

i need to speak with platoons located 4 miles away IN HEAVILY WOODED AREAS. this is all the equipment i have:

1 - OE254
Sincgars C/F models
4 TACSAT man packs... no vehicle mounts or antenna

I have no benchmounts and amplifiers for a desk but i have them for a vehicle.

the platoons have oe-254's and plgrs

we conduct our drills as platoons. so every1 is seperated. HQ is at the TOC and the platoons are seperated up to 5 miles. I can never get comms working and am starting to get frustrated.

i had the platoons set up their oe254s and connect it to their vehicle amplifiers and i can receive but cant xmit to them.
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