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Hello Everyone,

I am currently putting my packet together. I have organized documents out in a folder to help track what I have and don’t have. Waiting on flight physical to come back. I am working on my resume and my letter, was curious if someone would be willing to spot check me and offer advice. I have seen a lot of success from others in various posts over the years and pray I can achieve the same. I work in a hospital and have not yet talked to the hospital commander, I have spoken with my company commander and he and 1SG support me. I just want to have more completed before setting up an appointment with CSM and Command. Right now my biggest concern is my SIFT.

SIFT: 41
APFT: 270
Education: 2.67 B.S in Exercise Science w/ professional certs ARRT (R) working on ARRT (CT)
TIME: 4 years TIS, 5 in Jan. Been E5 since 2014.
AWARDS: 1x AGCM and 5x AAM
EVAL: 2 NCOER (2/2, 1/2), CL from WLC
Looking at my stats does not make me feel the most confident when I see them on paper. However my GPA from college does not reflect on my current desire to excel academically. I went to college on a football scholarship and thought that one day I would play in the NFL so I didn’t care about my grades. I know now how important they really are. I would appreciate anyone’s help that’s willing to give me constructive criticism and guidance!
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