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Got some questions answered on an aviation forum and figured I would post some of the stuff on here for anyone who is interested.


I just recently graduated from AIT for the Blackhawk helicopter Repair Course.

The Blackhawk Helicotper Repair course is approximately 15 weeks long. Mine was 17 weeks due to Christmas Exodus.

While undergoing training you'll be assigned to C Co. 1/222 Avn Regt, Fort Eustis Va. Charlie Company is a company dedicated to Tangos and a few X-Rays.

Your mornings will start at 05:30 for PT formation which lasts till approximately 06:30. After PT you will eat chow at the C Co. Chow Hall, shower, and put on your BDUs for school.
Around 07:45 you'll be in formation for the march to school. Yes, you march to school everyday and it sucks.

You'll arrive at school around 08:00 and stay in school till around 11:30 at which point you'll march back with the company for chow. Around 13:00 youll begin your march back to school. Once you arrive school will continue until 16:30 at which point you march back to the company.

You'll stand in formation to render honors to the flag at reveille. Sometimes you may have a class after school but mostly you are released to the Company Area. After school you spend your time doing things to prepare for the next day.

I highly reccomend you starch your uniform and have highly shined boots.
The above schedule was for Dayhawks. I'm not sure about NightHawks.

If ya have anymore questions let me know.

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QUESTION: "how are the barracks and how often do you get passes to go off base? "

Answer: "Well the barracks isnt too bad. You'll get mostly 4 man rooms with an occasional 3 man room.

Its mostly your standard army bunks and wall lockers.

You'll have wall locker inspections which aren't so bad. Sometimes passing can mean the difference between having a week end or not.

In the barracks you have your TV room where you can watch movies on a big screen. It's got alot of couches and gets pretty stuffy in there at times so you'll have to open the door.

You have your game room with a pool table, foose ball, a small TV, a chess table, and magazines to read.

There is a weight room downstairs.

Weekends are alright. After the first few you'll get bored.

There are 4 different passes.

RED - (welcome to hell) Basically you cant go anywhere unless the DS tells you. You'll do details and go to one formation after the other. This may vary based on the duty DS. Reason for getting RED: failure to pass PT test(automatic 4 weeks of red), UCMJ violations, failed walllocker, uniform, or room inspections.

AMBER - (not so bad) You'll be allowed to leave post in Uniform. If you stay on post civilians are not authorized. Normally you'll be released at 0900 each day on the weekend and you must be back at 1700. For PHase IV soldiers

GREEN - (good) Once you hit phase V of training you'll be able to wear civlians off post. You'll normally be released on the weekends each day at 0900 and must return at 2200.

GOLD - (best) Once you hit phase V+ you may wear civilians after school and off post. You will finally be authorized a cell phone. Normally you are released on Friday at 0530 and do not have to return until Sunday at 1700. Once you get gold dont ever lose it for stupid stuff. It sucks going back to RED.

Hope this helps.

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Question: asked about the class breakdown
Answer: "Tex,

Classes are broke down into sections. First four weeks is nothing but class called front load where you'll learn book reading skills, paper work and ULLS-A.

Then you'll go to the floor where you'll spend part of each section in conference (classroom) and then you'll go to the floor (actual hands on work). In the class room you learn the general concepts of each section and then you apply them by taking off components.

I'm not exactly sure how many people there are in Charlie. You have dayhawks and nighthawks so there are alot. There are normally less nighthawks. Nighthawks get the shaft when it comes to their weekend. They get less time off. You have no choice over being dayhawk or nighthawk.

In your class there can be up to a maximum of 20 people. Mine had 20 people because the school was behind almost 2 weeks from the hurricane last year. So I assume you'll have somewhere around 5 or 6 people per class normally.

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hope this helps anyone interested in becoming a 15T
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