hey guys (work out schedule criticism please )

hey guys new to the board made this after reading SGT EyE's post in drtanks thread backround im australian going into the us military i leave in july for 15t im 72' and 215 pounds throught this post will be bootcamp this is run at my local gym it is 1 hr of pain :-) not realy but its alot of side stradle hops, leapers, push ups, crunches obstacle courses and general core strengthening
also atleast 2 miles of running boot camp is run in the evening

monday morning run 2 miles
evening boot camp

tuesday morning weights chest biceps triceps abs
evening walk 2+ miles (pain dependant)

wednesday morning walk 3+ miles
evening boot camp

thursday morning weights shoulders lats forearms lowerback
evening walk 2+ miles

friday morning swim/bike (i <3 the hottub :-) )
evening boot camp

as i said before each boot camp is atleast 2 miles running 1 hr in length i guess i should of added as well im 17 and am nolonger in school i have my ged and have left to persue fitness before i leave also i am lucky to have a father who is a professional athletic massieur (spell check?) any ways here is my schedule criticise revise thanks for your time have a good day Aussie15T Out.
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Id run more.

5 days a week if you can tolerate it, but at LEAST 3. And when you do run, try for 3-4 miles each time. The only time you will run 2 miles, is for your Test.

As far as weights go, i would not do them. As long as you can carry your own bodyweight well, you will be ok In Basic Combat Training. (its not called bootcamp). Doing Pushups and SitUps every other nite would be good. Try to do as MANY as possible, and concentrate on good form.
Again, unless you have a low muscle percentage, you are going to LOSE weight in BCT. Alot of fat, and maybe even a lil muscle. Running, running and more running.

Q. What do you mean by running boot camp?? As an excersise??

Mon AM - Run 3 Miles (fast pace)
Mon PM - 300 pushups / 300 Situps

TUE AM - Run 5 Miles (slow pace)
TUE PM - Rest / stretch

WED AM - Swim/Bike/Alternative cardio
WED PM - 300 Pushups / 300 Situps

THURS AM - Run 3 Miles (fast pace)
THURS PM - Rest / Stretch

FRI AM - Run 5 Miles (slow pace)
FRI PM - 300 Pushups / 300 Situps

if i was going back to BCT, and i knew what i knew know, that is what I would do. I'd lose a bunch of weight again too.

and id make sure soda, and all junk foods are cut out of your diet.
I would recommend incorporating some 30/60's and 60/120's into your running workout. Running 3 miles fast and 5 miles slow is good, but running 30/60's is designed to spike your heart rate and then calm it down, over and over. You'll get a lot faster, and you'll add to the endurance you'll get from distance running.

A 30/60 means that you spritn- not run, SPRINT- for 30 seconds and walk for 60. Repeat 10 times, and you're done. After 3 or 4 weeks, switch to 60/120's (sprint for 1 minute, walk for two). When you walk, keep it brisk. Step it out, don't lolligag.

The walking you have in the middle of the week is good, but sooner rather than later, I'd replace it with running, or at least jogging. But don't run every day. Two long distance runs, and two 30/60 sessions a week is sufficient. Try to alternate.

Also, if you want optimum performance during a PT test... simulate one. Have someone time you and grade you. I'm sure your recruiter could help. Take one every week or two, and keep track of our progress. Good luck!
then your plan sounds pretty good. I did not know that "boot camp" meant running 2 miles.

As Smittaay said, try taking a simulated PT test before you go, to see if you can pass. Also, it used to be (i think, but not sure...that its still in effect) that if you can pass a PT test w/ ur recruiter before you join, you enlist as 1 stripe higher of a rank. (Up to PFC/E3). The only way to get SPC/E4 was to be a batchlors degreee holder.
Originally posted by Erik68WM6:
Also, it used to be (i think, but not sure...that its still in effect) that if you can pass a PT test w/ ur recruiter before you join, you enlist as 1 stripe higher of a rank.

I must have missed that boat Roll Eyes
When I joined, you could gain rank be completing a BCT task list and/or getting a friend to enlist. If you did 'em both, you came in as a PFC. And yes, the degree gets you SPC.

Im not sure if they still have that, but I do BELIEVE SO. Might be wrong.

When i enlisted in 2000, I took a PT test to come in as a PFC instead of a PV2. (or TRY too lol) That was the goal, i was a fat-a$$ then...and could not pass the run. But if i could of passed the run, i would have came in PFC.

If it was available, and ya missed ya boat. Not your fault, your recruiter just left ya in the dark tho on that one.
The promotion you are talking about Erik is actually the same one Smittaayy is talking about. Usually the hardest part of the Basic Training task list is the PT test. If someone can pass that the recruiter can work with the recruit or often the recruiter will fudge the rest of it.
you don't need a bachelors degree to come in as a SPC. You only need 60 college credits or more, since that's the min to eligible to come in as an OCS canidate.. 09S or something like that... maybe that's something totally different, but I believe that you only need approx 60+ college credits and a HS diploma/GED to come into BCT as a SPC...

90 college semester hrs is the MINIMUM to get into OCS, not 60.

And unless that changed in the past YR. You need a Batchlors degree to enlist as a SPC. Even 175 college credits but NO "Batchlors Degree" your looking at PFC. Have to have the BA/BS degree.

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