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A little background information (if not interested, skip to the next paragraph): Being stationed in Germany has many opportunites for foreign awards, not least of which are the coveted German Shooting Badge and the German Army Badge for Military Proficiency. Among some rather popular things as well are the memorial marches from our own forces in the Battle of the Bulge and the "In The Footsteps of the 82nd Airborne Division" while towering above any march that may otherwise come to your mind, is the Nijmegen Four Days March. If you are unfamiliar with it, it is approximately 25 miles a day for four days totaling a nice 100 mile march. At the successful conclusion, all participants are awarded a nifty Nijmegen Cross which is actually a royal award and recognized by that country's military which leads to my next paragraph.

According to AR 600-8-22 Appendix E on page 172 under 'Netherlands' there is listed "Holland Four Day Event Cross" as being authorized for wear in uniform. Is that terminology referring to the above described 'event'? I have not found any reference that calls it by that name on the event website/history.

Also, I have sent an email to USAHRC, AHRC-PDO-PA in Alexandria Virginia for clarification on the AR's wording.
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HRC said don't bother them, ask S1. Asked S1 and after explanation they could not find anything against it and said it would be added. So, if YOU have done the famous Four Days March of Nijmegen, find your paperwork and submit to have it added to your OMPF.
As an update, we received authorization to wear it but the problem now is there doesn't appear to be a source for the American sized ribbons readily available to purchase.

The full sized medal is awesome but as a foreign badge is a little unseemly to wear in the appropriate place on our uniform.

Anyone know of a source for getting such out of the ordinary ribbons? I called Vanguard but it will cost about $467.50 for the make-up of the yardage and coloring for it then $1.20 for each ribbon ordered...any thoughts?
Might've been the last time I do it but it sure was easier this year than last year to walk those 4 days....

To clarify from the past:

This is Foreign Decoration covered by Para. 9-25 and Table E of AR 600-8-22, it does NOT fall under the same restrictions as Foreign Badges that are covered by Para. 9-26 and Table D of AR 600-8-22.

If you need an example DA 4187 or any other tips, don't hesitate to message me.

Also, although exorbitant, you can find the ribbon for sale online through Optima Trading.

March on! I'll be PCSing to Korea in hopes to complete a Manchu Mile or two starting in January. I did the Bataan Memorial Death March this year before doing my 2nd Nijmegen Four Days Marches, so why not?

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